Sapa travel in winter, not trekking what to do?

Nga Do
Sapa delivers dramatic postcard landscape the have been attracting trekkers since the early 1900's. Once an undiscovered paradise reserved for only the most intrepid explorers, trekking in Sapa has become a must do on every Vietnam itinerary. However, if you come to Sapa in winter, especially when the temperature here is low, white snow appears, your trekking journey is not possible because of bad weather. do not worry! Sapa has many other interesting activities for you to experience, it is no less interesting than trekking.

Meet, exchanges and share life with local people

It is home to six ethnic groups, each with its own culture, language and costume, with the majority of the black Mong ethnic group, then to the Dao, Tay, Dzay and Xa Pho people. Most of them here are usually women, they will accompany you go through the hills, streams, sharing with you about culture and traditional brocades that are embroidered by themselves, are people friendly and accessible, they can talk to you at any time. Especially they can communicate in English, French, it is a special opportunity to explore the culture and life of people here. To share more than you can spend the night at family homes, share common meals and do things like a true farmer, this experience will forever bold in mind.

Enjoy the cuisine on the street food

Chilly weather exploring the food area, enjoying the barbecue is the fun of most of the visitors to sapa. Enjoy the simple dishes such as the Cơm Lam, or the barbecue skewers, sip a glass of wine around kitchen charcoal pink is nothing exciting more. 

Meet the highland children

Since childhood, the children living in the villages around Sapa have had to do extra housework, some 5 to 6 year olds go to sales instead of parents, to sell their products. At school, they have to pass many streams, hills, tens of kilometers, days not to go to school, people have to go to the field, people go to sell to tourists, According to Anna Zalazar, who wrote travel magazines: "You should buy them bracelets, instead of giving them candy, because the money they sell will help them get a meal for the day."

Watching Sapa is hidden in the fog in the right meaning

Sapa is a mist city, so enjoy the moment when the fog covers the streets, the villages, the valleys to the alleys, when people or vehicles just a few meters apart did not see each other. But silver gray tone has attracted many travelers and poets famous in Vietnam.

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