What is sapa in December?

Nga Do
December is the beginning month for the winter in Sapa, fog all the way, the temperature sometimes drops below 0 degrees Celsius, cold to cut the skin, but the visitors are still flocking to here to admire the beauty like fairy tale of mountain town in winter days.

At low temperatures the snow will begin to fall, the snow falling off the hillsides, clinging to the roadside trees and cover a thick layer on the ground, the mountainous town covered in beautiful white snow, romantic scenes like in Korean movies.

In the middle of the town center, the white snow cleared a piece of heaven, plus stone churches are characterized by French architecture, look like it is standing in the Europe. Or you can go to Ham Rong Mountain, take in the sight of a mountain town in the white snow, although cold but no less romantic, the feeling of touching the beautiful snowflakes in the tropical country is so excited.

Winter is also the time when some of you choose to conquer Fanxipan peak, when the maple forest change color, bamboo forest starts pouring out the leaves, The icebergs that formed from the tiny water jets in the rocks drifted out of time, reflecting the bright sunlight. Going through a long way to reach the "roof of the Indochina" majestic, you will have a very different feeling to climb Fansipan in other seasons.

In the cold weather of mountain town in the winter, perhaps nothing better than sitting around the flames, sipping some hot baked or spicy wine and chatting with family and friends. The wet and cold weather of Sapa this season also does not prevent many people from coming to the town, to see firsthand the mysterious scene of the "white snow" in December.

If you want to experience once conquer Fansipan peak in snow-covered weather or simply enjoy a glass of wine around the flames with ethnic minorities in Sapa, book a tour now at: http://sapatoursfromhanoi.com/contact-us/

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