Introduction to Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is a province in Red river delta. It is far about 90 kilometers from Hanoi with convenient transportation system. Nature blesses this land many fascinating landscape, famous cavessuch as Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Trang An cave, Phat Diem cathedral, Van Long natural reserve, Kim Son…

Ninh Binh is a province in Red river delta. It shares border with Hoa Binh and Nam Dinh in the north, Ha Nam in Northeast, Thanh Hoa in the south and west. Ninh Binh also has a very short coastline abutting the Gulf of Tonkin. The population is 915.727 people and the total area is 1.329,4 square kilometers.

Introduction to Ninh Binh
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Ninh Binh is far about 90 kilometers from Hanoi with convenient transportation system. It is outside the National Highway 1 A, North-South railway, a system of seaports, river, ocean which is convenient for economic cooperation with other provinces in the country as well as international trade.

Ninh Binh is located in tropical monsoon climate: in the summer: hot and rainy from May to October; in the winter: from November to April next year. The average rainfall: 1700-1800 mm, average temperature 230C. In terms of orest resources, Ninh Binh has 19033 hectares including 13.633,2 hectares of natural forests, 5.387 hectares of plantations. Besides, Ninh Binh has a coastline about 17 kilometers and limestone resources with an area of 12,000 hectares. This is an important resource for developing the industry of construction materials like cement, bricks, tiles…

Ninh Binh is an important point of intersection from the North to the South. There includes 3 ways to Ninh Binh: by road, railway or waterways. Ninh Binh has much rich potential tourism destinations. Nature blesses this land many fascinating landscape, famous caves. In addition, tourists coming here also have opportunities to travel, and enjoy many other famous places such as Tam Coc-Bich Dong, Phat Diem cathedral, Van Long natural reserve, Kim Son… in which Tam Coc-Bich Dong is praised as “Nam thien de nhi dong” or “Halong on Land” with the destinations such as: Tam Coc, Thai Vi temple, Bich Dong pagoda, Tien pagoda, Linh Coc Pagoda… Especially, Cuc Phuong National Park is an old growth forest with the area of 22.000 hectares, and many species of flora and fauna. Recently, Ninh Binh becomes an attractive tourist resort of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists.

Moreover, Ninh Binh was once the ancient capital of Dai Co Viet from 968 to 1010. Therefore, this area has many historic relics such as the Hoa Lu ancient capital, Phat Diem cathedral, Non Nuoc pagoda… All relics and scenic spots have become attractive destination for tourists.

According to datas collected in December 31st 2005, the province has 125 relics that have been ranked the national scale. Ninh Binh has been completed dossier to UNESCO to recognize: Historic relic Hoa Lu ancient capital as the world culture heritage and Cuc Phuong natural park, Trang An caves as the world natural heritage. Ecotourism with form of homestay help visitors understand daily life, production of local communities. This is the reason for Ninh Binh to revive the traditional craft villages, cultural heritage to provide tourism. Especially, Ninh Binh has Trang An eco-tourism area in the process of finalizing the dossiers to submit UNESCO for recognizing it as the world natural heritage. Spiritual tourism is one of the strongest of Ninh Binh, the advantages are the capital of three feudal dynasty associated with major shifts in the history of the nation; the convergence many religions especially Buddhism and Christianity and other religious structures- valuable cultural architecture.

The special dishes in Ninh Binh include dishes of goat meat, Kim Son wine, Ninh Binh’eel vermicelli and burned rice. The most famous and unique dishes in Ninh Binh is goat meat. Goat meat is a nutritious and delicious dish since it is served with many precious fine herbs which are very good for people’s health.

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