The dish cause remember for those who love Dalat

Nga Do
Dalat conquers tourists by fresh air, romantic scene with poetic and strange dishes, hard to find elsewhere.

Baked rice cake

For a long time, baked rice cake has become a popular dish in many places, this is also considered specialty of Dalat. In the middle of the cold weather, together to sit together to scrub, enjoy the hot baked cake is very interesting.

You felt the scent spread from the yellow cake on the owner's hand on the charcoal stove. Smoked grease, eggs, minced meat, roasted pudding mixed together thin layer of rice. Cake is served with tamarind juice and chili sauce. The price for a cake varies from VND 10,000 depending on type.

Lá É chicken hotpot in 3/4 street

Lá É chicken hotpot is a specialties of Da Lat. Lá É the same family with basil, if eaten raw, slightly sour taste but when dipped in the pot of hot pot and then picked out to eat immediately when you are, you will feel very good taste.

This dish is selected by the guests in the evening, in Da Lat weather is cold. Grilled chicken with fresh bamboo shoots, clamped some Lá É and serve with lemon pepper salt. Eat a spoon of hotpot water, you will feel the sweet, spicy hot mix together.

Can cake

Although this is not a dish originated from Da Lat, but the Can cake is the basis of many people. At every corner of the street, you also see a hot Can cake, no need to be spacious, just a few tables next to the hot bakery can makes "warm heart" many people. The cakes are poured in a mold and roasted on a terracotta kitchen. Flour is rice flour, add quail eggs or duck eggs to the top.

Xiu Mai Bread

The meatball soup eaten along with breads is so delicious and popular that every trip to Da Lat will not be completed without that dish. Though you may see Banh Mi xiu mai in some places around Vietnam, bread with meatballs soup in Da Lat has its own heavenly taste. Meatballs are made of grinded pork mixed with cat ear mushroom, minced onion, garlic and some kinds of spices. After processing meatballs they boil them in broth with grinded tomato. That is the reason why you can feel greasy yet fresh taste meatballs soup without being closed. A portion of this dish includes a bowl of meatballs soup and a hot crispy bread.

Soybean Milk

Soybean milk is Da Lat’s most popular drink, and can be enjoyed all year round. You can see locals and travellers sipping hot soybean milk in the evening, especially while strolling through Da Lat Night Market. We also love pairing it with chao quay (deep-fried breadsticks) or croissants for a filling breakfast. 

If you visit Dalat tours, you do not forget to enjoy the Dalat's distinctive dishes. Surely you will be satisfied for it!

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