Coming to the season of Da Quy flower dyed yellow Da Lat

Nga Do
Da Quy flower (wild sunflower) is the signal for dry season of beautiful Dalat plateau. Many people think that Dalat has 4 seasons but in fact, like the typical climate type of the Central Highland, there are only 2 seasons in Dalat: dry and rainny.

Da quy, or wild sunflower, is the most remarkable flowers to see in Da Lat. When you see wild sunflowers blossoming, it means the dry season has just begun. Travel to Da Lat in October or November and you will see countless wild sunflowers hugging the roadside, speckling small alleys, and waving in front of a classic villa. When Da Lat changes her robes to the vibrant yellow of the wild sunflower, a new joy permeates the landscape, and travelers should not miss it.

As wild sunflower is also a symbol of the “flower kingdom – Da Lat” you can easily spot it in every corner of Da Lat. If you want to see these flowers in full glory, I suggest stopping by the road from Lien Khuong to Da Lat, the road to D’ran town, the route of Trai Mat, Cau kDat, Van Thanh flower village, Elephant waterfall (Thac Voi), and Lang Biang.

The road from Dalat to D’ran is the most beautiful road of Lang Biang plateau with pine forest, deep valely, and snaking pass. In early morning, you will have a feeling like being lost in floating clouds ocean. If you are a nature lover, look no further, this is your ideal destination. Da Lat tours is one of the ideal vacation destination in Vietnam.

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