Con Market in Da Nang - A Magnet For Foodies

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Called the 'culinary paradise' of Da Thanh, Da Nang Con market is not only a place for local people to trade, but also a lot of tourists, especially young people want to come when in DaNang. The information such as the address of the Con market DaNang or Con market DaNang opening hours is necessary for you to know to schedule for your trip.

Located in the centre of Da Nang City, the three storey market faces Quang Trung and Ong Ich Khiem streets and is easy to find. It’s open from 6am till around 7.30pm.

Like other traditional market, this is where you find a variety of fare – fresh fruit, dried seafood and clothes to name but a few. It is not merely a place for buyers and sellers but also a favourite spot of visitors who want to try a local dish and learn about lives of the locals.

Con Market in Da Nang - A Magnet For Foodies
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Life here is always bustling.

The late writer Thanh Tinh once said: “When one travels to a new place, they should look for the local market. It is the place that shows you not only the economy but also a cultural slice of the local residents.”

While Hanoi is well-known for its Dong Xuan Market, HCM City with Ben Thanh, Da Nang is all about Con. Those old enough to remember will regale you with tales of how before the market came into existence, the area was an abandoned sand dune with wild cactus and beefwood trees.

In the wartime, it was the place where the French colonialists punished Vietnamese soldiers to warn other locals. Later, the area became a place to buy and sell. In 1950s and 1960s, the market was surrounded by fancy shops selling jewelry, coffee as well as groceries.

With a petroleum station and two major bus stations nearby, Con Market soon became a busy trading place for both locals and residents of other provinces.

Con Market in Da Nang - A Magnet For Foodies 1
Photo by Dragfyre
What stuffs they sell at Con Market Da Nang, which makes it so special?

As an important and long-standing wholesale market of Da Nang, the Con market Da Nang sells everything from fresh food to or essential household items, from to fruits, to clothing and footwear.... However, the special thing that visitors love things that make it so special for the visitors at the market is are the "food heaven" with all kinds of junk, fast food and specialties available only in Da Nang at an extremely fair price, but the quality is rated No. 1 but with the best quality in Da Thanh. The dishes are made in the style of Da Nang in traditional Da Nang way, once you have eaten, you will remember for life. Once you eat, you will never forget

Now, we hope you have found the answers for the all your questions what stuffs they sell at Con Market and know about the address of Con market, Con market Da Nang opening hours. So why don’t you take a Da Nang tour to Con market to taste all the specialties of Da Nang?

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