Buckwheat Flowers Are Not Simply Flowers

Nga Do
When it comes to Ha Giang, you probably already know the Buckwheat Flower Field with its pinkish color in the wind between the majestic rocky plateau. However, it is not simply flowers, kieu flowers are also used as raw materials for buckwheat cake - typical dishes of Ha Giang. Have you ever tasted the taste of cake made from this flower yet? Let Travel Ha Giang explore this strange cake!

Buckwheat flower does not know ever has become a symbol of tourism in Ha Giang beautiful. Ha Giang up watching the flowers triangular circuit this season, do not forget to stop mountainous fair place to enjoy the taste of cakes baked triangular circuit of ethnic H’Mong. In late autumn, purple, pink Government of this flower pervades the beautiful high mountains. After 3 months, the buckwheat flower results. This season on the highlands, you are enjoying the buckwheat flower in a form other specialties: county circuit, buckwheat cake.

The color purple round cake, simplicity characteristic of flowers triangular circuit in Ha Giang stone plateau as attachment legs tourists visited.United Triangle circuit is buckwheat ancient European people often eat horses. In Vietnam, H’Mong grown as food for themselves, feed for livestock.

Impassioned for romantic flower color of the buckwheat flower tree that people often forget she is a food crop. After blossoming, ethnic people triangular circuit harvested grain, dried and used to make bread, brewed wine, livestock. Seeds buckwheat flower was less than half his tiny black beans, crushed into fine powder truth. The dough with a mixture of water and pour into a soft plastic molds rolled into bread. Easy idea, but it turned out to stage grinding hard. Flour milled by hand, if artless bread very susceptible pigs, difficulty eating. Grain drying buckwheat just how well is the secret. Delicious bread in markets is made from dried seed buckwheat of a week in the sun’s yellow shiny stone plateau.

After the dough with water to cast into flat round cake, wider span, it will bring steamed. When eaten, will carry out grilled over charcoal to hot and fragrant.Cakes are cooked over an open fire while the arms remain buyers warmth. Only about ten thousand to approximately one bread adult hands. The H’mong come to the market often buy bread to feed the buckwheat flower and try to win, as they eat tortillas, rice cakes or sticky guppies.

Not too smooth cool as rice flour, transient circuit fleshy triangular fleshy, subtle little typical airline forest trees. The dark purple dotted dots emerging on the flowing purple cake fade like flowers reminiscent of a sweet each season of late autumn. Ha Giang in December but up, you may be eating bread buckwheat flower. The market, see the H’Mong grill the bread round purple, which is bread made of flour circuit. Delicious, and very good for health.

Very easy to identify in the market selling bread by her sisters wearing tutu H’mong flower sitting on the kitchen usually has ranked coal cake stacks. Yellow cake is cake flour corn, white bread, corn bread cake sticky buckwheat flower while the light purple with dark purple spots emerged tiny. Breaking each triangular piece of cake sponge soft circuit, sipped slowly to feel the sweet sound diffuse sound. The new person will eat hard feel of cake flavors, subtle little typical airline forest trees.

United Buckwheat flower in Ha Giang is not only the beauty of flowers fanciful reverie but very tasty cake buckwheat flowerbuckwheat flower very nutritious porridge, fried bread triangles exotic circuits. Do not ignore after watching flowers, spotting dark purple spots emerged on the flowing purple cake fade like flowers reminiscent of a sweet each season of late autumn.

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