Blend of Buckwheat Flowers During a Trip To Explore Ha Giang Rocky Plateau

Nga Do
In the mountainous landscape of Ha Giang, justwhen winter creeps in, bloom the buckwheat fields that is the color of the land until spring. Not rosy pink, the buckwheat color is in a lighter shade, and tiny like little buttons. Years after years, these fields have attracted many photographers, trekkers and different travellers from around the world to take part in the Ha Giang tour.

To make your journey not monotonous with the natural wonders, below are some of the destinations that we would like to recommend to you, not only the majestic scenery but also very romantic with the beauty of buckwheat during the blooming season.

Sung La valley

This is one of the best place to be comes the blooming season. Lies among the mountainous landscape, its pinkish hue floods the ground. Apart from that, you can also visit the Sunday market of the many ethnic groups in the region such as the Lo Lo or the H’mong that you’ll come across on your Ha Giang tour.

Pho Bang village

Known for their quaint, houses, built in the old-fashioned Chinese style. The terrace of flowers next to the houses gives them what a painter would say “a soft touch of brush” in the painting of the harsh nature.

Lung Cu township

In the Northernmost edge of the country, Lung Cu is famous for its treacherous road to the proud flag tower. On your way there, you’d have to go through many passages on the mountain side and you’d spot many fields of pink buckwheat, run as far as the eyes can see.

Lung Tao

Buckwheat grows on the hillsides of Lung Tao, you can have a trekking trip if you want. Along with the magnificent scenery below, the fields look like a frame in a multi-millions dollars movie.

Buckwheat is one of the alternative grain sources for the folks who live here. So please, on your Ha Giang tour, don’t pick or tread on them.

Your trip to the rocky plateau will be more perfect, more complete if you have enough travel information about this destination before you start your journey. You can find out more about other Vietnam destinations at:

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