Ha Giang tour - Find Famous Film Set In Lung Cam Village

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After the success on screen, “House of Pao” became the destination not to be missed on the explore of Dong Van stone plateau (Ha Giang).

The house of a local family in Lung Cam village, Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province, has become an appealing destination for visitors to the mountainous province after it was used for the film of “Chuyen cua Pao” (The Story of Pao).

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The nearly-seventy-old-year original building has been home to four generations. It originally belonged to a man named Mua Sua Pao. As Pao and his son died at the house in 1979 and 1980, his grandson, Mua Phai Tua, is the heir to the property.

In 2006, the house and Lung Cam Village in Sung La Commune was chosen for the background of “The Story of Pao”, which is about the life of a H’Mong girl named Pao starred by actress Do Hai Yen.

The film also tells movie lovers about beautiful love, life and human emotions as well as the rich culture and spiritual lives of the H’Mong ethnic minority people in Ha Giang Province. It won a Golden Kite Award in 2005 and was introduced at the Cannes International Film Festival in France in 2007.

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Since being chosen as the background for the breathtakingly beautiful footage in “Story Pao’s Story”, the famous house of Mong people was once well-known, now becomes the most interesting destination in Lung Cam village. Located between the arid plateaus, “Pao’s house” is like a miniature painting of the Mong’s daily life with natural beauty and mysterious charm.

The entrance leads to the house across a weed meadow. Coming in the buckwheat blooming season, you can have a chance to see the scene in dreamy pink, seems opposed to the vast, icy mountains. The house is made mostly of soil, ancient roofs, stone shelves and columns.

Belonging to the aristocracy of the ancient Mong ethnic in Northern Polar Regions, the house has a 2-floor lodge divided into many living rooms and bedrooms, and an extra space divided into warehouse, kitchen, a barn livestock and poultry. The special architecture creates a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

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Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours
Whenever a guest comes to visit, the kids come rushing out of the house and greet by the innocent eyes. Though the children do not understand the Vietnamese language, and visitors also do not understand Mong’s language, they still communicate well by their friendly smiles.

The tranquility of Lung Cam is always to welcome visitors, the innocencel and hospitable of the childrens here is what makes visitors feel warm heart. Access to Ha Giang is now just one click away at: http://vietnamtypicaltours.com/contact-us/

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