The Buckwheat Flower Festival At Fansipan Peak

Nga Do
Spreading the hills leading to Fansipan cable railway station, Lao Cai is nearly 8,000 m2 of buckwheat flower is hatching, looks like "sea flowers" white with pink purple.

The Buckwheat flower festival takes place from 10/10 to 31/10/2018, at Sun World Fansipan Legend.
When the Sa Pa terraced fields start to green, it is also at the triangle flower circuit is Sun World Fansipan Legend cultivated. Along the slope leading to the cable car station has nearly 8,000 square meters of circuit. This is considered the largest buckwheat flower field in Sa Pa.

Autumn comes, when the rice has ripe yellow as well as the buckwheat flowers blossomed call to invite visitors. Compared to other places, the buckwheat flower are planted in Fansipan, tall trees and larger flowers.

Visitors to the festival week, can walk the middle of the flower, stopping at the leaf hut on the flower field, breathe in the fresh air chest of autumn in the mountains. This is also a chance for you to take pictures of the sea flowers shared with friends and keep them as memories.

During the Buckwheat flower festival week, visitors also enjoy the fun, enjoy the Northwest atmosphere in autumn with a series of activities such as teeter on the flower hill, take a picture check-in in ethnic brocade outfit ...

In the two hours between 8h30-11h and 13h-16h daily, during the week of buckwheat flowers, visitors will be living in the unique highland culture, enjoy the stage arts such as Khen dancing, flute, dance ... by the Mong people, Dao, Tay, Day, Sa Pho ... show.

In the evening of the weekend, Northwestern life was reappear during campfire nights on the buckwheat flower hills. That is the flickering fire, the laughter said loudly, the singing verses sounded in the midst of the burning charcoal,, the smell of Northwest cuisine.

There is no longer the distance between the guests and the landlord, all holding hands around the fire, dancing, singing, chatting ... There are young couples love to talk, confide in the space shelter on the buckwheat flower hills, despite the fire, forget the laughing voices around.

Coming to Sapa's largest flower hill, visitors can choose Mountain train Muong Hoa at Sun Plaza from town to Fansipan cable car station. Next to the buckwheat flower hill is the northwest highland market with hundreds of specialties compatriots and roses garden with fragrant aroma.

This festival is an opportunity for visitors to experience a lively North West in the characteristic buckwheat flower color, enjoy the unique traditional upland culture, enjoy the taste of the northwest, about the city on the clouds Sun World Fansipan Legend ...

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