Discover The Unique Culture Of Bac Ha Market

Nga Do
The big market is usually held at the weekend in Bac Ha is an interesting cultural meeting point of domestic and foreign tourists when visiting Sapa.

Bac Ha Culture Market is held every Sunday in Bac Ha town center, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province, about 60 km from Lao Cai city. This market is famous and has the largest scale in the highland border area.

I know Bac Ha market through the introduction of a friend living here. On a spare weekend, I drive back up to the Northwest, experience simple life, rustic people of Bac Ha and not forget to record the attractive beauty of this land through the picture.

My first impression of the market was the bustling, colorful, boldly highland. Bac Ha market has many different ethnic groups to trade, exchange of goods, create a rich diversity of identity. The highland traders, the women, the mother, the girl in the ethnic dress brocade in many colors, making unique for the market.

The most impressive memory in me when experiencing the market in Bac Ha is the moment of shooting some sticky rice sellers, and they did not allow me to take pictures. However, I still stubbornly photographed her with the opening of the lid of the hot sticky rice box. The photo was like a warm winter in a cold highland.

Coming to Bac Ha, attending the fair must come early in the morning. You will be fascinated by the scenery here when the morning sunshine light the costume of the people or the colorful goods of highland.

Each booth at the fair has an interesting point. Many traditional items from animals to objects are sold. During the Bac Ha fair, I was especially impressed with the horse market. The horses are sold as a means of transportation, travel of the upland minorities.

Dog market is one of the most busy places in Bac Ha. Colorful mountain dogs, playfully waiting for the new owner.

Tourists visiting Bac Ha market certainly can not ignore the colorful souvenir booths. When leaving, all guests carry a small gift to celebrate the Northwestern cultural experience. Foreigners especially love dolls in national costumes.

Brocade booths selling all kinds of clothing are handmade products made by the mothers herself. Guests can buy a national costume and wear a souvenir or buy colorful towels and blankets as gifts.

Silver jewelry such as necklace, bracelet, earring are indispensable items in the traditional costume of many ethnic minorities living in Lao Cai. These silver items are handmade.

The blonde children, rosy red cheeks, follow the mother on the market is the image commonly seen in the market in Bac Ha.

Although it is a cultural market, the market is full of everyday activities of local people. The largest market in Lao Cai attracts many international visitors to visit, experience. In my feeling, the Bac Ha market tour is always charming with the bustle, simplicity, color and the North West.

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