Must-try dish street food in Hanoi City Tour

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The cuisine is an aspect of culture, it's also a highlight that makes Vietnam one of the most culturally diverse countries in Southeast Asia. And can not fail to mention street food in Vietnam,  a unique culture has brought the culture of Vietnam closer to world travelers. Here is top 8 list of delicious street foods you must try in Hanoi City Tour when come to Vietnam.

Pho (noodle soup)

Must-try dish street food in Hanoi City Tour
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Among various kinds of street food in Vietnam, Pho is the most famous dish reviewed by foreign travelers as an excellent representative of Vietnamese cuisine. A tradional Pho first appeared in Vietnam in the early 1900s. Then it  gradually becomes the favorite dish of Vietnamese.

Main ingredients of Pho include salty broth, fresh rice noodles, beef or chicken, a sprinkling of savories. However, each dinner has their own recipes. Whenever you go across a Pho dinner, you can find a specific smell that encourages you to have a bowl of Pho with no hesitation.

Bun Cha

Must-try dish street food in Hanoi City Tour 1
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If Pho is such a common dish that you can easily find throughout the country, buncha is likely more popular in the North Vietnam, especially in the capital Hanoi. Buncha is usually served at some street-side restaurants, so you will find yourself “local” when sitting down to a plastic chair and seeing slices of marinated pork grilled on an open charcoal grill.

After being grilled, you can try a morsel with rice noodle, savory and dipping sauce. At some restaurants, buncha sets come with fried meat rolls or fried crab spring rolls (called “nem cua be” in Vietnamese).

Banh My

Must-try dish street food in Hanoi City Tour 2
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Although banh my is not a traditional food of Vietnam, food-lovers all over the world give it a lot of praises for its taste, convenience and diversity. This dish is honorably one of 10 most delicious sandwiches in the world voted by an Australia reputed travel website based on travelers’ reviews.

Banh my is literally wheat cake which is similar to sandwiches. Its topping is usually a combination of marinated meat, fried eggs, vegetables (tomato, cucumber, fried onion, etc.) and other sauces. You can optionally choose toppings based on your taste, and enjoy this food even while you are moving on a busy schedule of your 7-day during Vietnam tours without taking time at any restaurants.


Must-try dish street food in Hanoi City Tour 3
Photo by Bình Giang
If coming to Hanoi in autumn, your North Vietnam tours will be more interesting, as you have an opportunity to try one more significant food – Com. The season of com usually falls from July to September in the lunar calendar. The most famous place specialized in making this snack is Vong village, which is about 5 km away from Hanoi downtown. Com is made of sticky rice ripened by roasting and screening to separate the husk from the rice inside. After making process, you should wrap it in lotus leaves to keep its freshness and natural smell of the field.

Com is also special in the way people tasting it. Because of not being a typical food for avoiding hunger, com is best tasted when you enjoy it slowly by picking just a small amount once by your fingers.


Must-try dish street food in Hanoi City Tour 4
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Unlike some dishes as mentioned, you can find xoi in almost all provinces in Vietnam because this traditional food is very easy to make. This food is mainly made of steamed sticky rice and possibly combined with many substantial toppings such as green mung bean, fried onions, boiled chicken, marinated pork belly, lap xuong, etc. Therefore, xoi might suit the taste of almost all people, and be an ideal option for your breakfast in Hanoi City Tour.

Banh Cuon

Must-try dish street food in Hanoi City Tour 5
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Banh cuon is a representative of Northern cuisine. There are some provinces having this dish be one of their specialties such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Lang Son, Hai Duong, Ha Nam. Each province has their own methods to make banh cuon, thus the taste is not similar.

People say that the recipe of banh cuon in Hanoi is the standard one. It is a combination of marinated ground meat, onions, minced wood ear mushroom wrapping in a steamed rice flour sheet. Banh cuon has to be tasted with dipping sauce which is nearly similar as the sauce for bun cha.


Must-try dish street food in Hanoi City Tour 6
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If you get addicted to salads, you really need to try Nom. Nom is a kind of salad, but its ingredients cannot be found in elsewhere but Vietnam, which makes nom different from other mixtures of vegetable.

Most travelers want to taste local foods as much as possible, which easily leads to indigestion from overeating. So that nom can be an option to help your stomach take a rest to keep you be healthy and ready to enjoy the following things in your trip to this S-shape country.

Fresh Fruit

Must-try dish street food in Hanoi City Tour 7
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours
If you are a fruit lover and you want to try the various tropical fruits in Vietnam, fruit beam is an ideal option. This dish is likely similar to fruit smoothies because of the same main ingredients including fruit, concentrated milk, and loose ice, but they are different in the making.

The making of fruit beam seems very simple. Fruits are cut into pieces and then mixed with two other ingredients as mentioned instead of being ground with ice and milk. If you are traveling in hot weather, do not hesitate to try a cup of fruit beam to get refreshed and recharged your energy for your next destination.

Is your mouth watering yet? These are just a few of the most popular Vietnamese street food options. If you'd like to try these (and many others) for yourself, consider taking a Vietnam food tour when you're in Vietnam. It's a fun way to explore the city and try the local foods!

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