5 destinations that will fit perfectly into your Northern Vietnam tours

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Recognized as one of the cradles of rice cultivation, Northern Vietnam is the crucial part of Southwest Asia. Its ethnicity tapestry is reflected in its architect, artwork, cultural scenes and lifestyle. Home to a diverse group of people, it’s abundantly affordable, accessible and authentic, too. Pack your bag and get ready to be inspired by characteristic conical hats, colorful food carts, an enchanting brew of tea and bamboo chopsticks. Let’s explore the top 5 destinations that will fit perfectly into your Northern Vietnam tours


5 destinations that will fit perfectly into your Northern Vietnam tours
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The heart of Vietnam, the city of peace, the 1000-year-old capital. However you name it, Hanoi will sure to leave you impressed. Located just 45 kilometers away from Noi Bai international airport, the city should be your first destination for 7 days in North Vietnam. As charismatic as they are accessible, no neighborhoods are the same in Hanoi. Just minutes from hotel districts, visitors can immerse themselves in vibrant pockets of local life, home to unparalleled food scene and intriguing culture with an ample personality. A stroll around the dynamic downtown of Hoan Kiem district will help to find traces to Hanoi’s rich heritage, from cross-generation businesses and wonderful food carts to sacred pagodas and stunning age-old French buildings. Water puppet theaters, handicraft villages, and war museums, this city will not disappoint any art and history lover. Grab a signature cup of egg coffee, sit back in an artsy café and watch the world goes by, you’ve won an amazing chance experience Hanoi the locals’ way.

Perfume pagoda complex

5 destinations that will fit perfectly into your Northern Vietnam tours 1
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It’s a destination for those who seek out to explore a beautiful but often hidden side of Vietnam – its spiritual practice. The Perfume Pagoda Complex, known as “Chùa Hương”,  comprises of multiple pagodas (where Buddhism is worshipped) and temples( where an important person is worshipped) carved into the scenic limestone mountains of Huong Tich. Spend one day exploring the complex and you will be guaranteed to come home with an insider look into the intangle factors that shape Vietnamese people’s way of living for thousands of years.  Get in a small boat and admire the skills of the boatmen while indulging in the stunning landscape of lush rice field and spectacular mountain backgrounds. This destination is perfect for a lesson of minds and a change of scenes.


5 destinations that will fit perfectly into your Northern Vietnam tours 2
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Wondering about the cultural diversity of Northern Vietnam in one week? Pack your bag and head to Sapa. Apart from the iconic trek to Mount Fansipan( famously named “The rooftop of Indochina”), a visit to Sapa goes further than just sightseeing. Savoring the beauty of cloud-capped mountaintops soaring out of ever-green valleys also means opportunities to experience first-hand the uniqueness of Sapa’s 24 ethnic minorities, each with their own language, cuisine, and lifestyle. Drop by a small village, for example, the Ta Phin or the Lao Chai, to enjoy the warmth of Sapa hospitality. You can expect to learn about the legends and the myths, about how the people have conquered tough climate and steep mountains to form neat rice terrace and build stunning villages. You will also be amazed by an entertaining performance of music and dance or a cooking lesson that provides a further insight into the distinctive during your 3 days in Sapa

Halong Bay

5 destinations that will fit perfectly into your Northern Vietnam tours 3
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Recognised by UNESCO as a world’s natural wonder, Halong Bay – a mong of the top 5 Vietnam holidays deals has become an icon for Vietnam’s tourism, and you will soon see why. This site offers a plenty of choices, allowing you to be as busy or chilled as you like. A heavenly setting of gorgeous mountains scattering across the seas, Halong Bay’s gifted beauty is what you don’t want to rush by. The most recommended option is to board a cruise trip which takes you to multiple unique karsts and isles. And there will be every opportunity to put the dramatic nature to good use if you are active. Swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, squid fishing , nd cycling and lots more are readily available.

Still, need to unwind? Then simply chill on top of a cruise ship or by a sandy beach and get your generous dose of vitamin D while a tasty, locally-sourced meal is being prepared. It’s an absolute heaven for any sun worshipper.

Ha Giang

5 destinations that will fit perfectly into your Northern Vietnam tours 4
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As the Northern-most province of the country, Ha Giang proudly serves as a gateway to explore North Vietnam’s culture in its finest and most authentic state, where the Chinese element is pronounced through its cuisine, language, and architect. This place preserves some of the traditions that almost go obsolete in modern-day Vietnam like tooth-blackening. Men making corn-brewed wine, mothers with babies balanced on their backs harvesting rice, children carrying goods in heavy bamboo baskets making their ways to a weekly market, all dressed in distinctive colorful clothes. There is a lot to observe and to appreciate along with your journey in Ha Giang

This untouched destination is also an adventure junkies’ paradise overflowing with pristine jungles and expansive mountain ranges. Ha Giang is home to one of the most iconic ( and dangerous) biking routes of the country, swear by generations of daring travelers. A bike ride along the steep and windy roads to win a feel of mastering the mountains is a pretty valid claim!

Remember to have your cameras fully charged ahead of time, because you will want to take lots of photos!

Wherever you go to North Vietnam tours, never forget sun protection!

So you have it, the top 5 destinations you should visit during your 7-day in Northern Vietnam to the land of the magnificent landscape, culture, and history. North Vietnam can boast that it is a safe and cheap place to holiday in as well as there are fantastic choices catering to your every need. You can challenge it, live in it, enjoy it slowly and create memories that will last for a lifetime.

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