The famous Vietnamese bakeries are praised by Foreign Press

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Madame Khanh bread, Phuong bread or Hanoi sidewalk bread ... are the addresses are known by many international diners by foreign press praised.

Banh Mi Phuong in Hoi An. Photo by collect on the internet
Hue Street Sandwiches, Hanoi

Sandwiches at 118 Hue Street were reported by BBC reporter David Farley as "the best food in the world". The bread here consists of thin pork, salami, pate, five flavors and butter. Above is a spicy sauce and herbs.

As described by the reporter, this loaf is not too complicated but the ingredients have their own roles and combined together full of interest. Specifically, the floss meat helps the sauce to be soaked, pate to soften the cake while crispy crust to prevent damp weather.

Phuong Sandwiches, Hoi An

Phuong Hoi Sandwiches is the first result after typing "The best sandwich in Vietnam" (meaning Best sandwich in Vietnam) on Google. This dish is celebrated by two famous chefs Anthony Bourdain (USA) and Cameron Stach (Canada).

After enjoying, Anthony Bourdain had to say "That's a symphony in a sandwich" (Cameron Stauch) to learn to share the secret. The cake is so delicious.

A loaf of phoenix sandwich with sliced ​​pork tenderloin, pork chop or sausage, liver pate, special sauce and basil leaves, salad, green onion and so on. , the bread here is always crispy and stiff but when combined with other types of flavor create unforgettable.

Madam Khanh, Hoi An

Madam Khanh sandwich shop is located on Tran Cao Van Street and is called "The Banh my Queen". But because of the location is difficult to find compared to bread Phuong so not too crowded guests. The bread here is also very rich in material, cost about 20,000 VND each. In recent years, when more foreigners visit this place enjoy this dish has loved and called the name in a more western way - Madame Khanh bread.

Coming here, diners of food can choose for themselves 10 kinds of flavor and different processing. Although this year is over 80 years old, but she still hand-made bread to serve customers.

To have delicious loaves brought to customers over 30 years, every day the owner's house wake up from the early preparation of materials. Pate liver in the dish is made by the manual method should have a better taste, not be bored, the fat inside is slightly bitter. Lined with pate is a layer of avocado butter made from egg whites, light sweet basil. The kernel of the cake is a mixture of a variety of materials such as fried eggs, fried mince, sauteed mushrooms, mushrooms, dry sauté, sour dishes, coriander ... Only with the familiar materials, simple but with The masterful combination and perfect arrangement of the innkeepers brings the taste of the real one to a whole journey of taste experience.

Nha Trang sidewalk sandwich

In 2013, National Geographic selected pate sandwich in Nha Trang on one of the 11 best street food in the world. However, this newspaper does not include a specific location, in addition to shooting and posting a picture of a very specific bread in this beautiful city.

The article describes, the bread here is very attractive. Ingredients inside the bread include Cha Lua, pork meat and a bit of spicy sauce made from tomatoes, peppers, fish sauce, lard and purple onion. This kind of sauce makes the difference and delicious taste difficult to resist. Just do not dot the sauce, customers also satisfied.

Sandwich of Nguyen Trai, HCMC

Sandwich of Nguyen Trai, HCMC is top of the list of "12 best street food in the world" by travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler.

"Street chefs are wonderful, just a stroller and a charcoal or oil pan, they make a great meal," these comments are in favor of this magazine.

Other than the three above bakery, the sandwich here uses barbecue, cucumber, coriander, sour and hoisin sauce. All are typical spices of Saigon. In it, the barbecue smell lemon grass, soft sweetly fit. Hoisin sauce helps to harmonize the ingredients to create a harmonious taste.

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