Top 5 sites of ripe rice hunting can't be missed at Mu Cang Chai

Nga Do
Mu Cang Chai is one of the most popular attractions in September by the beauty of the vast terraced fields.

The land of the North West - Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai) has the irresistible attraction of one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. In the cool autumn season, brilliant yellow color stretches out to highlight the romantic beauty and pull visitors to Mu Cang Chai.

Here are 5 sites in Mu Cang Chai with rice terraces as ripe as yellow carpets woven into the wild scenery of the land here.

Khau Pha pass

Destination can't be ignored when Mu Cang Chai in the ripe rice season is Khau Pha Pass - one of the four mountain passes high mountains. Being one of the most popular and most beautiful slopes in Vietnam, Khau Pha Pass has always been conquered by most of the people, especially the rice harvest season or the rattan hunting season.

It is one of the most steep and steep mountain pass in Vietnam, passing Khau Pha mountain, the highest mountain in Mu Cang Chai. Khau Phau Pass has a starting point of the intersection of Highway 32 with 279 consecutive continuous road with Chau Pass in front of it and Vach Kim Pass behind on Road 32. From Yen Bai city, back along Highway 32 for 5 hours, through Tu Le commune, Khau Pha pass Mu Cang Chai district appears between a plateau surrounded by mountain ranges. The road winding around the old forests still boldly primitive and the terraced rice fields of the Mong and Thai.

Tu Le Valley

As a valley of Van Chan district, Yen Bai province, Tu Le is one of the favorite destinations of many visitors love nature. Tu Le in the middle of fall, yellow ripe rice fence as a wave of mountains. The harvest is excited, the smell of new rice followed the wind through the villages. Tu Le can be compared to a beautiful mountain girl. 

Not only attract tourists by the Mu Cang Chai terraces in September, Tu Le also attracted the paparazzi when the Thai people still retain the traditional activities are "naked bath" by the stream.

Raspberry field - La Pan Tan commune

The best known in Mu Cang Chai is the terraced rice field in three La Pan Tan communes, especially the rice fields of Raspberry. To go to Raspberry - Mu Cang Chai art masterpiece is not easy at all, the road is very muddy, hard to go. But you will never regret it. All fatigue will dissolve when all senses are awakened by the ripening of the rice, and the yellowish color of the raspberry leaf.

Che Cu Nha commune

A commune of Mu Cang Chai district, located about 7km from the district center towards Hanoi. Road to Che Cu Nha slope and hard to go, challenging the devotees passionate about the road adventurers.

The Lim Mong village

The Lim Mong village of Cao Pe commune, Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai is hidden in the clouds of mountains and forests. The road to the Lim Mong, far away, but still attractive to tourists by the charm of the rice paddy fields yellow gold, stilted houses on the slope, the baby red highlands cheeks.

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