See Northwest Vietnam In Autumn Colors Sparkling

Nga Do
If European and American countries dressed up in her charming coat, the Northwestern provinces of Vietnam in Asia will attract tourists by the yellow color of ripe rice in Autumn.

See Northwest Vietnam In Autumn Colors Sparkling
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team
In autumn, Northwest region wears passionate beauty with brightly yellow terraced fields; stretching maize fields in harvest; red and green-leaved forests hiding in rolling mountain ranges… All landscapes will leave unforgettable experience in tourist’s memory, definitely.

By industrious working, many generations of local people – they have been together constructing thousands of terraced fields on mountain slope, hillside. Passing time, provinces in the Northwest of Vietnam own plenty of terraced fields with spectacular beauty, known by tourists such as Ta Van, Lao Chai, Ta Phin,…, terraced fields around tortuous mountain slope  in Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai province), Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang province). Coming to Northwest for admiring terraced field most beautifully is in cultivation or nearly harvest. Autumn – the ripe rice crop and the season of cool weather, also has welcomed so many tourists not only in Vietnam but also all over the world to Northwest for visiting and exploring endlessly charming, wonderful sceneries. 

Winding roads through rolling mountain slopes, hills are opening front of your eyes fresh discovery to nature. Stunning views of mountains, forests and imposing terraced fields will surely bring you pleasant surprises. Taking a look from a far distance, terraced fields are curving smoothly like a yellow silk round green mountain slope, along hillside, looming in white clouds blending with iridescent of autumn sun.

Another unique beauty of North Vietnam in color collection

Beside terraced fields, upland northwest is also famous for other beautiful landscapes which are able to be beloved of visitors at right the first sight.

Ha Giang in the blooming season of buckwheat flower becomes more attractive than other seasons in the year. Tourist may be amazed at admirable beauty of this flower. Buckwheat flower usually blooms so profusely over hillsides, mountains in Ha Giang from end of September till November that all places from mountains, roads to large terraced fields are likely covered by romantic light pink color of the beautiful flower. To be attached to name of this renowned flower is a legend which makes it more miraculous. Along with the remarkable flower, Ha Giang- the border land of our country also draws tourist by superb nature, Ma Pi Leng- the mythical mountain pass, Quan Ba heaven gate hidden in mist or hospitable local people being willing to give visitors direction, welcome us closely, warmly… Those all absolutely contribute such fantastic tours that visitors want to visit more times.

Those are just 2 most beautiful and popular landscapes of Northwest Vietnam, you can find more attractive landscapes of this region such as Sa Pa, or The amazing Bac Son valley. You know why they both share an adjective “Amazing”? Because their unique and unforgettable beauties can make you go from excited to amazed.

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