The destination has the biggest Mid-autumn festival in Vietnam

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What do you know about Vietnamese records associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival season? Let's explore the following interesting record.

The festival has many models of unique lights, the largest in Vietnam in which province?

The answer is Tuyen Quang province. Born in 2004, up to now the Thanh Tuyen festival of Tuyen Quang province despite many different names, but outstanding features are giant models, lamps are carried through the main roads in the Tuyen Quang city every Mid-Autumn Festival. Since 2014, Thanh Tuyen festival has been expanded, organized at the provincial level.

In 2018, which festival has many models of unique lights, the largest in Vietnam also associated with special cultural events do first organized?

The Thanh Tuyen 2018 Festival and the first national intangible cultural heritage exhibition will take place from September 20-24 in Tuyen Quang. With the participation of more than 70 models of the Mid-Autumn Festival, this festival promises to attract many visitors.

Which sea city is the place where the biggest Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam takes place?

Recognized as the biggest festival in Vietnam, the annual event of Phan Thiet City (Binh Thuan) takes place on the occasion of the full moon in August, attracting many visitors. The highlight of the festival is the procession of lamps with more than 30 large lanterns and thousands of small lanterns, passing through the main roads in the city with a route of about 3,000 m.

Who are the main objects participating in the procession in the biggest Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam?

Mid-Autumn Festival in Phan Thiet has nearly 3,000 primary and junior secondary pupils in wards and communes participating in carrying small lanterns  followed by large lanterns. Binh Thuan province is selected as one of the six traditional cultural festivals for tourism development, this festival is expected to take place on the evening of September 21st.

How big is the biggest moon cake in Vietnam?

Autumn Mid-Autumn 2015, a 2.1 tonne plastic cake placed in Vinhomes Royal City (Hanoi) has set the record of the largest plastic cake in Vietnam. Cakes longer than 20 m, width of 0.6 m, made from 900 kg of sugar, 600 kg of powder and 480 kg of bread.

Mid-Autumn Festival is said to be one of the biggest festivals in Vietnam, visiting Vietnam this autumn, you will experience interesting activities typical of Vietnam's diverse culture. From there, your holiday in Vietnam will be more meaningful than ever.

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