Cross the slope pass to Phung village to see the ripe rice paddies

Nga Do
Hoang Su Phi, upland district of Ha Giang, where many ethnic villages live. Among them, Phung village is a place most mentioned by the romantic and peaceful beauty of each season.

Cross the slope pass to Phung village to see the ripe rice paddies
Photo by Giang A Phon
Phung village is a commune located near the border, in the area of ​​Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang province. From the center of Vinh Quang town, tourists must follow a small pass near 30 km across the mountain to the center of the commune.

Phung village becomes an attractive destination for visitors every autumn, with terraced rice fields in harmony with the mountainous nature.

To Phung village in the season of ripe rice, visitors are very easy to see clouds of smoke spread. Both the village is in the clouds, a fairy landscape for those who dare to escape the temptation of warm blankets at dawn. Clouds in Phung village are not as dense as Ngai Thau or Ta Xua, just romanticly spread across the mountain, hidden away.

Living in Phung village is La Chi people, gentle people like grass, not good at speaking Kinh but very hospitable. They are always ready to take guests home, invite  to drink tree roots cooked in a black kettle.

Every small corner in Phung village is like a painting by the hands of mother nature, making the most hardest people to fall in love with.

Peaceful village nestled on the side of the mountain. Standing here, visitors will have the feeling that all troubles are gone.

The rice in Ban Phung ripe is quite late compared to other places - from early to mid-October. So, if you miss the appointment with the Northwest Golden season, you do not worry, there is still a Phung village waiting.

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