Grilled Skewered Food in Sapa

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After a day of participating in trekking tours in Sapa is tiring, your stomach is talking, what is the first dish you think of in Sapa?

salmon, sturgeon, or Cap Nach Pork, ... a bold and refreshing remedy suggestion that we want to send to you is grilled skewers food.

So, what is that?

What is grilled skewered food in Sapa?

Grilled Skewered Food in Sapa
Photo by Nguyen The Luong
With weather being cool all year round, grilled skewered food are an attractive dish and one of the memorable experiences in Sapa tours from Hanoi

What makes grilled dishes of Sapa unique is that they are all skewered and have various veggies instead of meat only. Those preferring veggies can find a wide selection of skewered veggies like yardlong beans, eggplants, bitter melon, Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, cucumbers and carrots which are skillfully sliced.

The grilled food here is various. Anything to be grilled: from chicken eggs, duck eggs, meat skewers, to sweet potatoes … Dozens of stalls sell grilled meat with corn, potatoes, cassava. Just with a basket and a charcoal stove, a few plastic chairs, you can have a place to enjoy the grilled food. Also, chicken eggs, roast duck, pig intestines are also the ingredients to make the grilled food. Grilled birds, grilled chicken, grilled tofu…, there are hundreds of types of grilled food that within a week here you cannot enjoy them all.

Normally in the Hanoi street food, people are only used to eating fried eggs, omelet, boiled eggs but less eat baked eggs. The grilled egg is delicious with the aroma of yolk, also very strange taste. Eggs are grilled because of the skill of the seller because if you do not know how to grill, the egg will break. The small but soft sweet Sa Pa corn is also put up for grilling. although grilled corn is one of Vietnam food tours, the grilled Sapa corn has a unique taste of the countryside of minorities.

Each dish has its own way to make and prepare your own spices. Therefore, eating a lot of dishes at the same time, you do not have the feeling of duplication and boredom. For example, grilled tofu, they are soaked until the tofu flavor become sour. If you are not used to it, you will not easily accept the scent of it, but just try it once, you will be fascinated by the attractiveness of the smell of soybeans, fatty, hot outside, and cool inside. Banh day nuong (grilled sticky rice cake) is soaked in marinated spices will be grilled until the cake crust becomes golden crunchy with the aroma of sticky rice flour.

Grilled Skewered Food in Sapa 2
Photo by Nguyen The Luong

Where to grilled skewered food eat?

To Sapa tourism night out to eat barbecue will be a wonderful and memorable experience because it brings a warm space, delicious food for visitors. You will feel like you are lost in a gastronomic paradise when coming to barbecue street in Sapa Town.

From the shop of grilled corn, potatoes and cassava scattering across the street in Sapa, in a short time, a series of shops sprout up. It is not known if the street of grilled food is formed by the needs, preferences of visitors on cold nights.

At eateries in Sapa, customers can either choose ready skewered food or grill it on the spot to eat it while it is hot.

With this article you will no longer wonder "what to eat in Sapa?" when traveling to Sapa. Hope you will have the best culinary experience in Sapa. Don't worry about accommodation and tourist tours in Sapa, all the best services are available at Vietnam Typical Tours. Let’s go right now.

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