Northwest of September & the paradise of terraced fields

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The land is dyed yellow as honey, the lines are winding from terraced fields as silk stripes across the hills in rows, layers, creating a spectacular landscape, It is classified as a national monument.

Northwest of September & the paradise of terraced fields
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The world knows the rice fields of Vietnam, because the zigzag lines of the Muong Hoa - Sapa Valley have been honored as one of the seven most beautiful fields in the world. But besides Muong Hoa valley, there is also a long list of rice fields from Mu Cang Chai, Che Cu Nha, Xu Phinh, La Pan Tan, and further to Sang Ma Sao - Bat Xat, Y Ty, ...

Each piece of land is filled with seductive beauty, as a "narcotic substance" and then every Autumn, to roam the North West arc, sightseeing the golden steps,  always a The journey is filled with unforgettable memories.

The beauty of the rice fields in the Northwest highlands, perhaps never lacking in attractiveness to the tourist, and to enjoy the beauty that glitter, is not a simple thing. The best way to watch the terraced rice fields is to take part in exploring northern Vietnam tour, so that can go to the village, climb the slope high can see the magical beauty of the golden season of Northwest. Therefore, the journey to the fields, almost a interesting trip.

Northwest of September & the paradise of terraced fields 1
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The most familiar way to start the golden rice crop, starting from Hanoi, along the Hoang Lien Son range, the interesting stop of this trip will be the Tu Le valley, where there are also golden rice fields ladder extends immense.

The Thai people in Suoi Giang, Muong Lo called the golden rice in Tu Le as the fairy gift, because the legend was told that Tu Le rice was given to the seed by the prophets, instructing the Thai people to find the right place, the soil is cultivated, and Tu Le is the land chosen by the fertile soil, the pure water, abundant.

Northwest is a source of inspiration for the journey ahead with the conquest feelings that await. The first is the dangerous road with the highest peak, deep abyss, to gradually enter Khau Phe - the king of the pass in Vietnam - also known as the Sung Troi, with the steep mountain rugged, fog all year round. Through the dangerous pass, a land of paradise gradually unfolded in Mu Cang Chai - where the sky is like a picture of rice poetic, wrapping up the beauty of the Hoang Lien Son range majestic.

Mu Cang Chai tour from Hanoi is often chosen as the starting point for highland rice visits, as it is a terraced field kingdom that owns more than 2,300 hectares of land, of which 500 hectares has been recognized as a national monument since 2007.

Northwest of September & the paradise of terraced fields 2
Photo: Quangpraha
Continue to the mountains, villages of the Hmong in Che Cu Nha, Dze Xu Phinh, La Pan Tan, where more than 200 years ago the first H'mong have come to settle and creating the golden terraced fields that now become national landscapes makes many visitors nervous to wait for the day to visit the rice season.

The higher up, with the rice fields in Muong Hoa, Sapa, next to the Sang Ma Sao, then Y Ty ... every journey, again a hard time, but in return, the more dangerous places, Feeling that the beauty of the rice field where the more spectacular it.

At each point there is a terraces fields, the feeling of standing in front of a cliff, overlooking the far away, where the terraces fields stacked up, welcome the wind with a new rice paddy, it's easy people are enthralled.

Come to paradise terraces in September, you will find the best that nature has given. Incorporate these famous destinations in a journey. Do you want to own it? Connect with us now to get the best support.

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