A strange new cake for the trip becomes more interesting

Nga Do
A new cake for today. Have you ever tried? An awsome cake with a strange name!

Despite having an unusual name, “NGẢI CAKE” (mugwort sticky-rice cake), which means unlucky charms in Vietnamese is a very interesting and peculiar dish of the Tày people. What makes the flavor of the cake is that mugwort leaf is boiled in lye water and mixed with rice. Along with a chewy fragrant cover, is sweetened black sesame seeds when combined with sugar.

“Bánh Ngải” is round and flat, captivating in dark blue. Not only does it give off an irresistible aroma, but it also has many benefits for your health. Because mugwort is always a natural remedies used by the Tày in everyday life.

Come to the Ba Be Lake tour, besides enjoying the natural beauty in quiet and romantic space, you can also enjoy a blue cake characteristic of nature. Join the journey now to have the most enjoyable experience.

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s go and try this special cake!

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