Ha Giang - The rocky frontier of Vietnam

Nga Do
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Welcome to Vietnam with the best charming scenery and the beautiful trekking route in the Northwest mountain range. You will be immersed in the rice terraces fields of ethnic people who are very friendly and hospitable. Coming to Ha Giang - The rocky frontier of Vietnam.

Ha Giang - The rocky frontier of Vietnam
Photo by trungydang
Ha Giang (Hà Giang) is Vietnam’s final frontier. Infinite in size and sparsely populated, it was the last part of the country to open up to tourism. The ‘Happiness Road’ we were travelling on was only completed in 1967; before that, Ha Giang was practically insulated from the rest of Vietnam, closer to neighbouring Yunnan Province than it was to Hanoi. Even today, you still need a government permit to visit the politically sensitive Chinese border area. In the far north of Ha Giang Province, a 350km loop road cuts through the mountains, guiding visitors through some of Vietnam’s most rugged territory.

Because Ha Giang is well-known for the rugged slopes and passes, conquering slopes and passes here is one of things to do in Ha Giang that you should not miss. Cong Troi (Cổng Trời – Heaven Gate), Bac Sum (Bắc Sum), Chin Khoanh (Chín Khoanh), Tham Ma (Thẩm Mã), Ma Pi Leng (Mã Pí  Lèng) are famous destinations that those backpackers should not miss during their trip to this land. Though they challenge the riders, but in return, they will be rewarded with the breathtaking views when watching those passes.

Starting from Ha Giang, Happiness Road runs through Dong Van rocky plateau, Ma Pi Leng to Meo Vac. About 200km in length of this path is bones and blood, is the myth of young people from 16 provinces of Vietnam, such as Cao Bang (Cao Bằng), Lang Son (Lạng Sơn), Bac Kan (Bắc Kạn), Tuyen Quang (Tuyên Quang), Ha Giang (Hà Giang), Thai Nguyen (Thái Nguyên), Hai Duong (Hải Dương), Nam Dinh (Nam Định). Over 8 years, 1200 people, 1000 volunteers, and 9 million tons of explosives as well as attempts poured down this road. When you go on the road, it is not about enjoying the beautiful scenery but also appreciating those people laid down for the path.

Although we have experienced Ha Giang tour but it is not enough for us to discover this hidden gem thoroughly but definitely spectacular enough to take an remarkable place in our hearts, our minds. And if you ever have a chance to travel in Vietnam, remember you own Hà Giang a visit. 

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