Let me tell you about Hanoi in me!

Nga Do
Hanoi a beautiful autumn morning, so peaceful! 

I love every corner here, the ancient interwoven with the warmth of the street. I saw a small bike full of flowers, wandering in the streets of Hanoi. The most pleasant feeling is the look of the florist, with a bike carrying enough colorful flowers to sell along the street. This season Hanoi beautiful to strange. It seems I have loved Hanoi more than before.

The little girl I love is spending time in a car full of memories across every corner of the city. The innocent beauty of the little girl intertwine the nostalgic beauty of Hanoi creates a special painting that makes the artists also inclined to nod their head.

Hanoi - the city lies in the river, somewhere still lingers the taste of a rural rice country, of a modern capital city. It brings a sense of security and comfort to each person.

Standing on the street and enjoying the air of Hanoi, you will find that this place is not crowded, but it is a deep calm strange.

Hanoi always keeps a small corner in my heart. elegant, peaceful and a distinct beauty!

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