Buchwheat Flower Festival in 2018

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With the success from the festival before this year, Ha Giang organizes Flower Buckwheat Flower Festival IV times with the theme "Land of flowers - Spreading"

Buckwheat Flower Festival to honor the cultural values and vitality of the people of ethnic groups living on the Dong Van Plateau. This year's festival also focuses on promoting the values of cultural heritage, historical relics, scenic places in Dong Van district in particular and the global geological park of the Rocky Plateau in general. At the same time, through the activities at the Festival calling for investment in order to step by step make the tourism industry in the district increasingly developed.

The festival is scheduled to open at 20h00, Saturday, 03/11/2018.

Coming to "Land of flowers - Spread" this year, visitors not only immerse themselves in the majestic scenery of the rocky plateau with the softness of the triangular hills of the mountain. Guests also experience the colorful space of cultural festivals such as photo exhibition park geophysical, Recreate cultural space market, participate in the contest "Beautiful cows", Buckwheat flower contest, steak cruise ...

Time and place more concentrated buckwheat flowers

- Bloom flowers time:

Flowering time lasts from September to the end of November, but focus on flowers blooming in the middle of the festival (October-November)

- Places with many buckwheat flowers for visitors to visit:

In the communes, including: Van Chai, Lung Thau, Sung La, Pho Cao, Pho La, Lung Tao - Ma Le - Lung Cu, Dong Van.

Activities at the festival

1. Festival opening program

- Time: 90 minutes, from 20h-21h30 on 03/11/2018 (Saturday, September 26th lunar month). The program is broadcast live on HGTV Radio and Television Station of Ha Giang province.

- Location: Dong Van Stadium.

- Subject: "Land of flowers - Spreading"

- Presiding agency: People's Committee of Dong Van district in coordination with Ha Giang Provincial Art Association.

- Performing unit: Ha Giang Arts Union, The arts union of white pear flowers in Dong Van district, students of Dong Van High School, Dong Van District People's Committee, Dong Van District People's Committee, Dong Van Province People's Committee.

2. Organize activities within the framework of the Festival.

2.1. Organize photo exhibition Geoparks

- Time: From November 2 to November 3,
- Location: Dong Van information station.

2.2 Recreating the cultural space of the market (holding booths displaying local products)

- Time: From November 2 to November 3, 2018
- Location: Dong Van information station.

2.3. Organizing the Fourth Buckwheat Flower Competition in 2018 (may be separately)

- Time: From October 15 to November 3,
- Location: In the yard of the ancient quarter of Dong Van district and flower growing spots of communes and towns in the district.

2.4 Organizing the Fair of Dong Van District in 2018 (Possibly own)

- Time: 02/10/2018
- Location: In Sa Phin commune, Dong Van district

2.5 Flower Street in Dong Van Ancient Town

- Time: October 11-12 / 2018
- Location: Dong Van ancient town

2.6 Beef steak cuisine on the Rocky Plateau

- Time: March 1 - 3, 2018
- Location: Old Quarter

2.7 At the royal architectural vestige of the Vuong's King Palace

Performing folk cultural activities, recreating the daily life of the clan family such as cooking traditional food of the Mong ethnic, corn wine, buckwheat wine .... service visitors to experience and enjoy the occasion to participate in the Festival.

- Time: March 1 - 3, 2018
- Location: The central area of the Vuong's King Palace

2.8 Active travel experience

Constructing cultural activities, arts and folk games of the Mong ethnic group. Demonstration, cultural exchanges at the attractions of triangle flowers when guests have needs ...

- Implementation period: October to the end of December 2018
- Implementing unit: People's Committees of communes and towns develop detailed plans of each unit for implementation.
- Coordinating agencies: Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Division of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Above is the plan to organize Buckwheat Flower Festival IV - 2018 by Dong Van District People's Committee. Vietnam Typical Tours wishes to bring you as well as visitors the most useful information for you to have a amazing Ha giang tour!

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