Harvest time of terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi is coming!

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Hoang Su Phi is among the most untouched area of Ha Giang Province of Vietnam. The area was separated from the mainstream society until very recently. The capital town of Hoang Su Phi District is 60km from Tan Quang Town and 100km from Ha Giang provincial capital.

Harvest time of terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi is coming!
Photo by Quangpraha
Traveling to Hoang Su Phi nowadays, the visitors will be charmed by the pristine beauty of the wild mountains and the authentic culture of the local ethnic groups which include: the Nung, the Flower H'mong, the Tay and the Ha Nhi People...Hoang Su Phi market is in session every Sunday which offers great opportunities to learn about the life of the local people.

Coming to this place, tourists will enjoy the majestic natural view, the riped rice field with the terraced field and the peaceful atmosphere in Hoang Su Phi. The fairy scene of the terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi is a worthy gift for tourists who overcome a long road full of obstacles. Hoang Su Phi terraced fields is one of the best tourist destination in Northern Vietnam.

The best time to visit Hoang Su Phi is in Summer, time of rice crop. In May (beginning of rainy season) peasant start their crop, they plow and flood terrace fields with their irrigation systems. During this period their fields looks like pieces of curved mirror. Later rice grow up, during this time their fields have various green color with different tones.

September and October is the most beautiful time to visit Hoang Su Phi. Rice terrace fields in harvest season look like a vivid picture, with different colors. 

The famous cuisines in Hoang Su Phi There are many delicious cuisines in Hoang Su Phi, however, the most horror cuisine here is the mice meat of the La Chi ethnic minority. This is the indispensable cuisine in the daily life of the La Chi ethnic minority in Ha Giang, which is cooked into many delicious dishes such as: Grilled mice, stir-fried mice, …

If pork is the daily cuisine of the Kinh ethnic, the mice meat is the daily dish of the La Chi ethnic minority. There are mice meat in every festivals or rituals of La Chi ethnic minority. This is the interesting dish that tourists can’t ignore when traveling to Hoang Su Phi.

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