Top 4 famous waterfalls of Vietnam are tourists favorite

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This summer, do not just think of the sunny beach. Instead, the famous waterfalls below will surely surprise you by the beauty and majesty of nature.
Ban Gioc Waterfall (Cao Bang)

Top 4 famous waterfalls of Vietnam are tourists favorite
Photo by phgaillard2001
Referring to the famous waterfalls of Vietnam, not to not mention the Ban Gioc waterfall (Cao Bang). It is the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia, and is the fourth largest waterfall in the world among the waterfalls located on national boundaries.

However, you can still trip to Ban Gioc waterfall from Hanoi in the rainy season for the rest of the time. Instead of feeling the peace with clear water, you will see the waterfall looks majestic, intense. The water is strong and tight, the splash of foam is very exciting.

Silver waterfall (Sapa, Lao Cai)

Top 4 famous waterfalls of Vietnam are tourists favorite 1
Photo by Lori_NY
About 12 km from Sapa town, Silver Waterfall is the ideal place for you to explore. This waterfall is about 200 m high, which is upstream of Muong Hoa stream, located at the foot of O Quy Pass.

From the foot of the waterfall, go along the ladder to the arch bridge, you will feel like the waterfall is pouring toward her. Looking up is the white screen as a cloud, under the spread of water. Silver Waterfall has two separate roads up and down. The road to the right, to the back of the falls, visitors will cross a bridge to the left.

After enjoying the scenery, do not forget to go further to Salmon Camp in Silver waterfall - where you can see the salmon swimming in the middle of the tropics as well as enjoying the salmon food fresh.

Pongour Waterfall (Lam Dong)

Top 4 famous waterfalls of Vietnam are tourists favorite 2
Photo by Tango7174
Located about 50 km south of Da Lat, Pongour waterfall was recognized as "Nam Thien Mon". The path to Pongour falls is quite peaceful. If you go in September, October will see beautiful blooming yellow flowers.

The natural scenery of the Pongour Waterfall is quite wild. The waterfall is surrounded by a primeval forest with an area of over 2.5 hectares with abundant vegetation and large trees.

Pongour waterfall is about 50 m high and divided into seven cascades. The special beauty of the falls lies in the system of stone steps, arranged in layers. Unusual stones create cut lines, "tear" water into hundreds of small lines.

Beneath the waterfall is a large lake. Many people also think that, if there is a waterfall in the north, then the southern Pongour waterfall - beautiful and majestic no less.

Draynur Waterfall (Dak Lak)

Top 4 famous waterfalls of Vietnam are tourists favorite 3
Photo by Y Kpia Mlo
A combination of the Krong Ana and Krong No rivers, the Draynur waterfall has a length of over 250 m, higher than 30 m connecting Dak Lak and Dak Nong provinces.

From Draynur Falls, you can wander the trails in the primeval forest to admire the scenery and explore the mysterious caves. When the sun goes down, you will see thousands of bats fly into the cave shelter - just mighty but somewhat mysterious.

Draynur Waterfall is a place to connect young people to travel with life in the villages of Kuop, Nui village, Tua village of Ede people living near the falls. Also from the Draynur waterfall, you can cross the river to admire the Draysap waterfall and Gia Long waterfall - the great Central Falls is no less impressive.

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