Experience sailing trips with your feet

Nga Do
The tours to Tam Coc - Bich Dong (Ninh Binh) are not only famous for destinations such as "Ha Long Bay on the land" but experience on the rowing by foot also makes visitors enjoy.

When the Insider posted a video about the boat people in Ninh Hai commune using the foot, control the small boat gliding smoothly on the Ngo Dong river with a million views, so many domestic and foreign visitors to this tour to once experienced.

Each household in Ninh Hai commune has a passenger boat and is practicing in the tourist area. With a boat fee of 150,000 VND / trip, rowing in 3 hours will be exhausted if using only hands. That is why the people here have a way of sailing with their feet. At the slow pace of the legs, they gently control the two paddles, taking visitors through the golden rice rug along the Ngo Dong river. In addition to the beautiful scenery of Tam Coc - Bich Dong, this sailing craft has made many visitors, especially foreigners impressed with the destinations of this ancient capital.

The foot pushed the paddle to the boat gliding on the Ngo Dong river. Regardless of the terrain, the wife uses her elastic legs to control the boat and go to rice paddies in Tam Coc. For those the boatmen not carrying tourists,, they travel along the Wu River selling flowers, snacks, refreshments and souvenirs for tourists.

A special impression that each time you mention Hanoi Ninh Binh tour is present in your mind, urging you to participate in this experience.

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