Ha Giang's local cuisine - rustic but full of value

Nga Do
Ha Giang is the northern-most province of Viet Nam which combines the limestone plateau, terraced fields, and limestone peak. To perfect your Vietnam package tours in Ha Giang Province, some following suggestions on the must try food will be a considerable contribution. Let’s see!

With no doubt, cuisines of each region, you try exploring the local cuisine, it's exactly part of the Ha Giang culture. When paying a visit to hotspots of Ha Giang, you are not only welcomed by the locals’ hospitable behavior, but also introduced to food specialties here, which you have never probably tasted and even seen before. It is an opportunity for you to learn the local cuisines.

Rolled Rice Cake with Egg (Banh Cuon Trung)

Ha Giang Rolled Rice Cake with Egg is a unique specialty easily falling into the target of travelers to Ha Giang Province. What draws them to the dish first is its tantalizing aroma wafting in the air in the early morning when the local vendors start opening their food booth to serve passing-by customers. This is the attractive smell of the broth with scallions and steamed pork rolls served with the main course. As soon as a customer arrives, the vendor will immediately make the rolled rice cakes, then add one egg, and wait a few seconds until they are wonderfully cooked. The cakes are enjoyed when they have still been hot; that is the reason why the food is an ideal choice in the cold weather of the morning in Ha Giang.

Thang Den

Don’t hesitate to try a bowl of thang den when you make a Vietnam package tour to Ha Giang. It will surely give you a great experience. It is easy to realize some ingredients inside the food as it includes balls made from sticky rice flour and ground peas as the filling and is boiled in water. This is a sweet soup, so you will see some related items, such as coconut milk, peanuts, and sesame. To those who love sweet soups in Vietnam, trying thang den is definitely a must.

Buckwheat cake

The cake is made from tam giac mach grains dried and ground into flour. Many people have not ever thought about the use of this grain kind, but the cake from it is actually amazing to try. You will see the cake is shaped in rounds and grilled on the light fire. Its smell will attract anyone around. It is quite cheap to savor one when you are traveling to Ha Giang; it just costs about VND10,000. The cake is the most scrumptious as it is still hot, remember.

Au Tau Porridge

A dish that when you go to Ha Giang that you should not ignore is Au Tau Porridge. This is considered the famous Ha Giang specialty that when not to enjoy is not to Ha Giang.

Au Tau Porridge stew is also made from delicious rice, and the main ingredient is Au Tau, the spices are characteristic for their aroma, spicy smell and bitter taste. Many unfamiliar people will not swallow but when they get used to it is easy to addiction.

Shan Tuyet Tea in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is one of the provinces has the oldest Shan tea area in the country. From the early 20th century, the French investigates tea in Ha Giang and take attention to the ancient highland tea. It is Shan tea with big leaves, many snow-white hair covered buds and have good quality. So that people called Shan tuyet.

That's just some of Ha Giang's famous local dishes. There are also other very attractive dishes of northern Vietnam. Make your trip more perfect with us, email us: info@vietnamtypicaltours.com

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