Lung Tam Linen-weaving Village

Nga Do
In the Ha Giang packages tours, after having visited the Quan Ba Double Mountains, you can visit the village of Lung Tam - a village with a tradition of linen-weaving, one of the bigger towns in picturesque Quản Bạ valley region. This village of colorfully-attired H’mong people is dedicated to weaving and the fabrication of linen products.

Follow the tradition; each young H’mong adult female is inherited with one’s own field to grow flax. Every two months, the filed yields products and one has to harvest them all, dry and process into fiber. After a complex process that requires maximum care, Hmong women then have the chance to use their looms.

Each cloth of flax is the pride of Hmong women, and that is the reason they are very carefully in each process. During working time, men are even prohibited from annoying them in order not to interrupt the working process. In the final stage, cloth is washed numerous times until it becomes smoothly white to be usable.

Besides weaving, the drying skill of Hmong people in Lung Tam Village is incomparable. If weaving flax is a tough process, drying is even tougher that require multiple times drying cloth indigo mixture, and it might last from 3-4 days until completion. Thanks to this, dried clothes made in Lung Tam keep their colors much longer than others’.

Woven products of Lung Tam are not only durable, but healthy to wear, immune to mold, hygroscopic and ventilated that create a comfortable feeling when wear on. Local women now can diversify their brocade products and make not only dresses but also shirts, skirts, iPad and pillow covers and tablecloth.

With eco-friendly material, unique patterns and colors, the artwork of Lung Tam artists are preferred by foreign tourists, especially Japanese and European visitors.

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