Drowsy in fog early morning in Sapa

Nga Do
If anyone asks me, Sapa tour in August has nothing but the terraced fields gold, then  I would say, it's the cloud, because Sapa is the meeting place for heaven and earth. The sky is engulfed in the sea of clouds that we associate with the soft cotton, want to raise their hands to cuddle it, it must be quiet. All the sky is in the sea of clouds, it makes us think of the soft cotton, want to raise their hands to cuddle it.

As you know, sapa is the cloud valley, the heaven of clouds flying four seasons, every day there. These three locations are ideal for you to enjoy: Ham Rong Mountain (in Sapa Town), Mount Fansipan and the Hang Da area of the Mong people in the commune Hau Thao is 3 to 4 km south of Sapa town center or O Quy Ho mountain peak.

At San May in Ham Rong mountain, you can help you watch and record panoramic pictures of Sa Pa valley, hidden in the middle of floating white clouds, drifting by the wind. After a moment of gazing at Sa Pa valley, you can cross the vast meteorite forest with interlocking stone. Walking along the cliff, the last place you went to was the sky gate. At this time, the rays of the sun rises from the sky began to shine as a beauty adorn the cliffs. In the middle of the romantic space, the cloud tangerines make friends with stone, the giggle of the girl Dao to pick leaves back, from the distance, the image of H'Mong girl with a colorful brocade spread, view down the panoramic view of the city in the mist. All that is enough to make the material for a beautiful oil painting.

Watching the clouds on Mount Fansipan - the roof of Indochina may be a wish for some visitors. Walking in the clouds, feeling so exciting and adventure. Sunshine, clouds, wind and mountains seem to form a lively and colorful song. Admire the majestic scenery and romantic at dawn or sunset on the mountain is always an unforgettable experience for those who want to harmonize with nature.

The using the unique Sapa itinerary to save interesting experiences with special pictures. Sapa tourism has never been attractive to tourists. Quickly contact us to arrange as well as select a suitable exploration journey in Sapa, Vietnam.

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