Unique features of the Lao Cai highland market

Nga Do
Up to now, the Lao Cai highland markets have become an attractive and indispensable destination for many foreign tourists in Sapa itinerary, especially foreign tourists who always want to visit the markets: Muong Hum, Y Ty (Bat Xat), Coc Ly, Bac Ha, Lung Phinh (Ba Ha district), Can Cau (Si Ma Cai district), Muong Khuong, Cao Son, Pha Long, Lung Khau Nhin (Muong Khuong district) ...

Unique markets in the Lao Cai border provinces other provinces in the Northwest is every week there are high-level session markets still retain many old features.

That is the market of Ban Phiet (Bao Thang district) meeting on Monday, Coc Ly market (Bac Ha district) meeting on Tuesday, Cao Son market (Muong Khuong district) meeting on 4, Lung Khen Nhin market (Muong Khuong district) on Thursday, Chau Market (Muong Khuong District) held on Friday, Can Cau Market (Si ma caiDistrict), Pha Long (Muong Khuong District), Y Ty (Bat Xat District) Bac Ha, Sa Pa, Muong Khuong, Si Ma Cai, Bat Xat markets on Sunday.

The most interesting is that the Bac Ha market is located 100km east of Sa Pa tourist area, which has been ranked Serendib tourist magazine (Si ri Lan ka) as one of the 10 most popular markets in Southeast Asia.

The highland markets of Lao Cai are always brightly colored brocade of the dress of women of ethnic minorities to the beautiful market as the "Flower garden mobile" makes visitors far and near, especially the photographer captivated by vivid photos.

Photo by Truth'soutthere
Bac Ha Market is also the only market in the country has a dedicated horse trading with a total of hundreds of horses traded each session with turnover of billions. There is also an exclusive section for people selling specialty Northern: Ban Pho corn wines, distilled from the glaze made of forest leaves and sprinkled with springs over 1200 meters above sea level.

Visiting Bac Ha market, tourists also enjoy the special "Thang Co" by the Mong people cooked from horse meat together with cardamom and forest leaves so unique taste only taste but remember forever.

Highland markets are not just places to buy and sell. The market is also a meeting place for the exchange of friendship between friends and male and female dating places. So people often say to go to market, not to the usual shopping market as the delta.

In Bac Ha district there is also a famous "barter" market located on the upper reaches of the Chay River, which is recorded in the tourist handbook of foreign visitors when visiting Vietnam.

The most interesting is to visit the Coc Ly visitors will have the opportunity to sail upstream Chay river to admire the natural scenery along the river along with the legendary story of the Trung Đô temple.

Photo by Arian Zwegers
Can Cau Market is located in the border district of Si Ma Cai is the international travel center recorded in the tour to Vietnam because it is also known as the largest buffalo market in the northern mountainous provinces and was dubbed " The largest mobile trading platform in the North West. Can Cau Market is also one of the places to sell many hand-woven brocade products as a gift many foreigners choose to buy relatives when visiting Vietnam.

Going to the highland market in Lao Cai, tourists also have the opportunity to buy specialties of the North West Forest such as apple honey. The Lao Cai highland market has been a unique tourist product that always attracts domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

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