Which flowers in Ha Giang are grown as food and medicine?

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Ha Giang itinerary has long become an ideal destination for adventure tourism, because of the majestic scenery, every season here is very beautiful, attractive and worthy of the spectacular road to conquer.

Which flowers in Ha Giang are grown as food and medicine?
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Ha Giang has a population of about 820,000 people, urban people is about 123,000 people. There are also more than 20 ethnic groups, in which the H'Mong people occupy the majority with 32%, followed by Tay, Dao, Viet, Nung.

In Ha Giang there is a special ethnic culture, which is the highland market, where the soul of the ethnic minority Ha Giang. The highland market is held on a 6-day cycle, then back to the previous cycle. However, due to a week of 7 days, the weekly market was delayed for one day, so Kinh people called "back market".

Dong Van Market is located in the ancient town of Dong Van, in Dong Van town, Ha Giang. The ancient site was built by the French in 1880, still preserves almost the old architecture, especially Dong Van market, which was completely built of stone in 1920.

In Ha Giang there are many majestic mountains, of which the highest is Tay Con Linh peak at an altitude of 2.419 m, only tens higher than the two peaks of Chieu Lau Thi and Kieu Lieu Ti.

Which flowers in Ha Giang are grown as food and medicine? 2
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Add a famous tourist site of Ha Giang, between mountainous mountain appears two peaches called Quan Ba ​​double mountain, located in Tam Son town, Quan Ba ​​district, Ha town Giang 40 km.

Buckwheat flower is a very famous flower in Ha Giang with romantic beauty, make visitors fascinated. This flower is planted to the food, the body is eaten like vegetables, flower seeds are crushed to make bread, and leaves are used to treat stomach diseases, blood pressure, blood fat ...

Ha Giang has many flowers season such as buckwheat, orange daisies, peach blossom, plum blossom ... but can not fail to mention the fields of broccoli flowers bloom in the 1-2 month range. There are two types of broccoli here are white broccoli and yellow broccoli, both of which are extremely beautiful.

Sung Khanh Pagoda is one of Ha Giang's most famous temples, also known as Nung village pagoda, located in Dao Duc Commune, Vi Xuyen, Ha Giang. The temple was a Buddhist shrine from the Tran dynasty in 1356, after many devastated people were restored on the old temple but smaller.

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