Hai Van Pass and Ninh Binh are included in the top landscapes in Southeast Asia

Nga Do
From the famous Khmer ruins in Cambodia to the natural wonders of Laos and Vietnam, they all attract tourists around the world.

ANGKOR WAT, Cambodia

The largest religious monument in the world, it can be said that Angkor Wat is one of the greatest achievements of humankind. This huge Hindu temple complex was originally built in the 12th century BC and covers an area of 126 hectares, a significantly larger area than modern Paris. Among its great features, the gallery 'Churning of the Sea of Milk' is a stunning sculpture with incredible length and detail.

TAT KUANG SI Waterfall, Laos

One of the most photographed places in Laos, these waterfalls fall from the ever-larger lime pools. The turquoise waters from the top of the falls are 60 meters (200 feet) high into an area with puddles such as large, beautiful pools.

HAI VAN Pass, Vietnam

Hai Van Pass and Ninh Binh are included in the top landscapes in Southeast Asia 2
Photo by JumperDomi321
Hai Van Pass is the name for a 21 km long road, one of the great cycling routes. This desolate, deserted and beautiful mountain pass has been of strategic importance throughout the ages, separating the neighboring kingdoms of Vietnam.


This is a symbol of Lao nationalism and the most important national monument in the country, the golden stupa is surrounded by legend: that the Indian missionaries have created structures to accommodate Part of the sternum of the Buddha from the 3rd century BC. It has been rebuilt many times, most recently after World War II. There is also a large statue of King Jayavarman VII from the Khmer empire here.


A complex Buddhist temple was built in the 1550's, this 'golden temple' is revered throughout the country for its importance in the history of Laos. Numerous festivals and ceremonies of all the Lao kings are held here, this gateway to spectacular Luang Prabang bordering the Mekong. The 12-meter high roof, gilded walls, rare carvings, and legendary snakes naga guard almost every corner, enhanced by beautiful landscaped gardens. Here, the intertwining of religion and spirituality, art and royal history makes it one of the favorite places of many visitors.


Built at the end of 12thC by the mighty Khmer king, Jayavarman VII, who transformed the entire Khmer empire into Buddhism, this spectacular site is famous for its 'human face' carved stone. represents Lokesvara, Bodhisattva of compassion.

NINH BINH, Vietnam

Hai Van Pass and Ninh Binh are included in the top landscapes in Southeast Asia 6
Photo by phongnguyenhuy
Truly is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Vietnam, the rural beauty of Ninh Binh's countryside is truly one of the most beautiful landscapes in Southeast Asia. If you want to fall into this supernatural setting, this northern coastal area has it all. Watch the lush green limestone mountains, the lush hills in the wild: the underground cave system,  the meandering river that glides through valleys, stone stairs bending over mountain roads, and The temples are carved on the slopes. Feeling like visitors stray into the most romantic scene.

Take on new journeys and discover the hidden mysteries in each country. With the trip to Vietnam, you will surely be surprised by the that mystery.

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