Cycling tour around Hoi An old town

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Spend a day cycling around the old town and enjoy the peace in Hoi An (Quang Nam), you will find yourself behind the chaos of life.

Cycling tour around Hoi An old town
Photo by fsHH
Hoi An ancient town in Quang Nam province, about 30km from Da Nang city, lying on the side of Thu Bon River, brings peace to visitors.

Hoi An is famous for its pedestrian streets around the old town. However, if you want a new experience, try exploring this world heritage on a bike. In Hoi An, most hotels, motels, homestays have bicycle rental services, many on the street with car rental shops at very soft price, only from 20 to 40,000 VND / day.

Discovery around the old town by bicycle is very safe and convenient, you can easily glide through the alleys, alleys to discover a new Hoi An with many charms; You can stop anywhere to shop, enjoy street food or explore the old houses, colored walls, paper flowers ...

Cycling tour around Hoi An old town 1
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Cycling in the space no noise, no smell of urban, you will feel a sense of a true old town, a peaceful old town and old style. In the cycling tour of the old town, you can not ignore "Hoi An symbol" - Bridge Pagoda is adjacent to Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Tran Phu. This is a unique architecture, typical in Hoi An, was built by Japanese merchants in the seventeenth century.

You can stop and visit the cafes listed on the "must visit" when coming to Hoi An on Tran Phu. It's the little caf├ęs of Hoi An built on high ground. Sitting and drinking coffee the watching the sunset let down on the rooftops of color over time, , make you feel relaxed, soul is light and this will be an unforgettable experience when coming to Hoi An.

Cycling tour around Hoi An old town 2
Photo by shankar s.
In Hoi An, visitors will be able to see the houses filled with flowering flowers as weaving a great carpet. Not only beautify each house, paper flowers in Hoi An also make the corner of old as bright thanks to the gentle and charming. Take a walk around the ancient town of Hoi An, visitors will find them cute and lovely. Hoi An is too peaceful to calm the soul of man.

Cycling, sightseeing is tired feet, you choose for yourself a comfortable and quiet space for lunch and rest. Along the center streets in the Old Quarter, there are many restaurants and restaurants. You will enjoy delicious special dishes that are very affordable such as Quang noodles, Cao Lau, chicken rice,Hen Xuc Bbanh Trang, Phuong sandwhich, corn sweet soup...

Cycling tour around Hoi An old town 3
Photo by ngd3
In the evening, you can visit the famous local eateries to enjoy the cuisine and join in the stream of people on the old town to see lanterns, flower garland and enjoy a Hoi An town on the lights poetic but no less exciting.

You can visit a lantern shop to pick up a souvenir for your loved one or bring it home, which is also an interesting thing to remember about the old town. In addition, you can also experience small drop lights twinkling down the river by themselves with hope the lights will bring good luck to the family and loved ones peacefully or take a boat stroll around the river, listen to traditional music.

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