Endless space of Pu Luong in the ripe rice season

Nga Do
Peaceful resort, harmony with nature and explore the mountains, the unique culture of upland people is the exciting experience in Pu Luong (Thanh Hoa).

Wake up in a remote place, surrounded by rows of palm trees swaying in the wind, far away is rice terraces fileds, mountains, clouds sky. Feeling like life is slowly moving, so calm.

The two-day avoid hot weekend in the beautiful Pu Luong mountain region will bring you the excitement to start a new, energetic week.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve is located in the northwest of Thanh Hoa Province, with an area of 17,662 ha, mostly of primary forest. Pu Luong is home to the Muong and Thai ethnic groups. The name Pu Luong in Thai means the highest peak of the village. It is home to the green forests, streams and waterfalls beautiful scenic mountains and forests wild and wild.

In addition, Pu Luong is the largest lowland limestone forest in the north with three main types: lowland forest, limestone forest, bamboo shoots and shrubs. It is also home to Pu Luong peak 1,700m high, it's a trekking point in Vietnam attracts many players.

Especially, Pu Luong season of nine rice is a unique specialty, attract many visitors to this place. The best time to go to Pu Luong is at the end of May and June. It's time for Pu Luong to start its nine season, the fields and terraced fields will wear a blue dress. Besides, there are also granaries of rice mixed with very nice.

Coming to Pu Luong, when the rice is ripe, you will see the peaceful scene, so the poetry of the golden field stretches across the forest. Although it is in the summer, this area is lowland limestone mountains, there are many tropical forests and few people so the air and weather are cool and pleasant.

Another ideal time to visit Pu Luong is September and October. At this time, all the hillside terraced fields have turned to brilliant yellow, bringing Pu Luong a wealth of beauty.

Get out of the smoke and the stuffy air of the noisy city, coming to Pu Luong, you will see the green of the leafy trees,, the terraced fields stretch. In a fresh atmosphere, you are free to enjoy nature and socialize with the friendly people, honest and rustic.

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