The beauty of the Hoi An ancient town in blooming paper flowers season

Nga Do
Visit the Hoi An ancient town in the summer any traveler can't leave with a photo taken with paper flowers.

Photo by Hoianworldheritage
Hoi An ancient town is not only a famous tourist destination, but also a place with many traditional and ethnic cultural history. It attracts visitors by the houses, architecture in ancient style. On the summer holidays here, besides the interesting things that Hoi An ancient town brings, this place is also attracted by the beautiful pink and white paper flowers.

Along with the beauty of architecture in Hoi An, paper flowers as colorful colors for the old town. Not only beauty of each house, paper flowers in Hoi An also makes the corner of the old as bright thanks to the gentle and charming. Across the street or alleyway, the porch of radiant paper flowers blaze.

Visitors to Hoi An on this occasion will witness the ancient town as picturesque. What better to be wandering Hoi An, strolling under the paper flowers enough to calm the soul of man. Summer is also the paper flowers bloom season in Hoi An, attracting the eyes of visitors. Any visitor who visits Hoi An can not leave with a photo with paper flowers.

Surely you will find countless charming paper flowers enough to enthrall you. Along with the lanterns typical of Hoi An City, the leisure cycles, the yellow walls ... or the paper flower trunks make up the poetic beauty so it is not strange when many people want to come and back to Hoi An many times to save these wonderful moments.

Stubbornly traditional and jam-packed with sights, it's a dreamy atmosphere that makes Hoi An become an essential stop on any tour of Vietnam.

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