What do you do in Northern Vietnam for 6 days?

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Welcome to Vietnam! As well as other countries, Vietnam welcomes many foreign visitors every year to work or travel. A trip to Vietnam, after hardship days of work, Vietnam scenery is worth your while to hold on for a few more days. Or a perfect plan for your holidays in Vietnam is scheduled in advance. Whatever your purpose is to Vietnam, we will always provide you with information and advice on interesting destinations in Vietnam, in this article is the Northeast Vietnam one of the mountainous areas has a natural landscape mesmerizing.

The adventure through the country's Northeast gives travelers an unparalleled opportunity to discover a hidden corner of Vietnam. Mixing drive through spectacular sceneries with visits to markets of mountain tribes, villages and historic sites, you will enjoy and experience the region's unique culture. Spend six days exploring the most prominent places in northeastern Vietnam such as the Ha Giang rock plateau, Ba Be Lake. The experience you have will be beyond imagination.

What do you do in Northern Vietnam for 6 days?
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Ha Giang is a well-known province in the north-eastern region of Vietnam is known for its geological park, Dong Van rocky plateau.

The mysterious landscape along the Chinese border – a mythical combination of conical limestone peaks and deep, craterous valleys – is probably the most striking in the country. Once considered the last frontier for adventurous travel in Vietnam, Ha Giang gained an almost legendary status among independent travellers. With mountain passes hanging onto cliff-faces high above roaring rivers, and back-roads threading through forests of limestone pinnacles, it will be your most fascinating experience, the scenery throughout the way you pass beautiful beyond your imagination.

What do you do in Northern Vietnam for 6 days? 1
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The 70km drive from Yen Minh to Meo Vac (via Dong Van and the Ma Pi Leng Pass) is perhaps the most remarkable stretch of road in the country. Road QL4C ploughs through a striking landscape of dramatic peaks and troughs, formed over millions of years by tectonic activity and the erosion of the limestone that defines this area. Limestone pinnacles rise and fall at regular intervals, creating the sense that one is in a stone forest. The shapes are so live and animated it’s as if the landscape were in fluid motion until it was suddenly petrified, like a frozen sea. The impression is of a mythical landscape equal to any Tolkienian novel or Chinese ink and wash painting.

Just as impressive as the topography are the ambitious roads that ride over and around this complex terrain. In the last few years, dozens of small paved lanes have been completed, criss-crossing the entire area. These offer tempting diversions, leading to isolated villages hidden deep in this strange landscape.

Meo Vac sits in a sheltered basin, bathed in blue shadows cast by the ubiquitous, looming limestone karsts. The people who inhabit this region are predominantly ethnic minorities, particularly H’mong. For them, this rocky, treeless land offers little protection from the elements, and crops are limited because of the lack of fertile soil. Travellers who’ve come from Sapa, may find minority people in this region less forthcoming when compared to the business-savvy minorities in the northwest.

What do you do in Northern Vietnam for 6 days? 2
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Explore Vietnam in another aspect at Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan Province. Not as majestic, pristine as Ha Giang Lake Ba Be brings you the romantic experience, floating on the water with bamboo boat, explore the cave has millions of bats live or a simple village with the traditional roof of Tay minority ethnic group.

Enjoy the natural scenery of Vietnam, socializing with friendly locals gives you a lot of emotions, from surprises, excitement to happiness. Be sure, after this information tour Northeast of Vietnam in 6 days will be your next destination. Do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information on all these destinations. Please contact with us via: http://vietnamtypicaltours.com/contact-us/

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