Peach blossom in ice snow in Sapa

Nga Do
Peach flowers, pink flowers at the O Quy Ho Pass, Sa Pa (Lao Cai) are covered with snow to create a beautiful eye for visitors to visit.

Peach blossom in ice snow in Sapa
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Visitors enjoy the snowman in Sapa, Many groups of tourists come to the mountainous town of Lao Cai province to meet lucky when the snow falls. They excitedly took pictures with scenes are dyed white.

From 8am on January 31st, snow started falling at O ​​Quy Ho Pass, Sa Pa town about 10 km. The temperature is down to -2 degrees centigrade. The grass is covered with snow.

At night, the amount of excess water in the air will condense on the branches, between the leaves. If the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius, they can freeze. The hard and transparent layers surrounding the leaves will break when touched.

If the ice can be closed, surrounded by leaves, the snow is only deposited on the top. Looking through, snow like a layer of ice to a glass of ice cream.

On 1/2, the temperature at noon can be as high as 8 degrees Celsius, making the snow soluble. However, from tomorrow (2/2), temperatures continue to fall and all day fluctuate around 0 degrees C.

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