Fansipan Legend - A small city located in the clouds

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“Put your feet up the mountain, touch your hands to the clouds & admire the way of sky gate.” That’s a great feeling when visiting this Sapa “City in clouds” – the unique city of Vietnam.

"City on the Cloud" is actually a resort complex with many items such as cable car, entertainment area, 5 star resort in the southwest of Sa Pa town called Fansipan Legend.

Fansipan Legend - A small city located in the clouds
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Here you can easily get a panoramic view of the Hoang Lien Son Range and Muong Hoa Valley from above. At the same time, due to the characteristic climate of Sa Pa, this place is often covered by white clouds, so many people have given the name "city in the cloud". Also by the unprecedented novel that Fansipan Legend brings to people quite "arouse" experience. At first glance like you are traveling abroad, not a familiar tourist destination just a few hours drive from Hanoi.

The architecture of Fansipan Legend includes: cable car system with 2 groups of stations (Sa Pa station) and arrival (Fansipan station). As soon as it was operational, the Fansipan cable car was awarded two Guinness World Records: Three-wire cable with the difference between the station go and the largest station arrive in the world: 1410 meters and the world's longest cable: 6292.5 m.

Fansipan Legend - A small city located in the clouds 1
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Located about 2.5 km away from Thac Bac, Highway 4D, it takes about 10 minutes by motorbike or car to get to the cable car station in Sapa. Now moving to Mount Fansipan - "rooftop of Indochina" (3,143m) takes only 15 minutes instead of 2, 3 days by road trip.

After stopping at the station, visitors will take about 20 - 30 minutes to climb 600 more ladder to the Fansipan mountain peak, touching the landmark Indo Indochine roof. Clouds all around, touching the clouds, the clouds cluttering at your feet, each step feels like climbing to heaven and set foot on the mountain as if seeing the gateway to the sky. The scenery is beautiful to the surprise, quite majestic. Feeling better than any mountain travel destination you've ever been to. Beside Fansipan peak, on the way, you can also visit the beautiful scenery in Fansipan Legend area such as Bamboo Garden, Bao An Thien Tu, Bich Van Thien Tu, restaurants, shopping ...

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