Sunrise in Ma Pi Leng Mountain Pass

Nga Do
Wandering around Northern Vietnam is a real treat for nature lovers. Between the many scenic road and limestone karsts of Ha Giang plateau, a trip up here is definitely worth it.. Apart from seeing the sights of the stone plateau, sunrise over Ma Pi Leng is a unique experience that you should not miss.

For travelers passionate discovering the mysterious highlands, trekking in Ma Pi Leng Mountain Pass is one of the most interesting journeys. It is one of the top four greatest passes in Vietnam. Ma Pi Leng might be a strange name for you. It means “horse nose” implying the dangerous of the topography here where mountains upstanding like horse’s bridge of the nose.

Sunrise in Ma Pi Leng Mountain Pass 1
Photo by Vuong Tri Binh
Ma Pi Leng is among the mightiest of all mountain passes in Vietnam. It is one of the best places to enjoy dawns in Vietnam with the panoramic view of the tranquil valley below and the peaceful Nho Que River.

Located at the peak of 2000 higher over sea level in Ha Giang province, it is considered the spectacular place to enjoy the first glow of sunrises. When the sun rises slowly over the rocky mountain, Ha Giang maybe brightened after a long dark night.

Sunrise in Ma Pi Leng Mountain Pass 2
Photo Jaybeelarsay
Ma Pi Leng is also one of the ideal places to watch sunrise in Vietnam. All leaves seem to flare up to get the pure light of the early morning. You will be immersed in the harmony nature. From the Ma Pi Leng Pass, movement of sun creates marvelous views for you -visitors to watch. The narrow Nho Que River becomes poetic than ever, It looks like a thin thread crossing ravines. Standing amid the imposing nature, you find the great feelings of adventure to the Vietnam mountain destinations.

When you see the sunrise, you will see colors that you never knew could exist in nature. The colors the sun creates against the sky can be truly special. The sun is majestic scenery, it can make you feel like heaven. To me, when I look at the sunrise, it brings me hope for the new day. Watching dawn is one of the most amazing things in our world that we can appreciate every day. The best thing is that it’s FREE. Life gives us wonderful aspect beautiful nature. 

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