Tips For Planning A Adventure Trip in Northern Vietnam

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Vietnam is an amazing destination for planning an adventure tour as the country offers some parts off the beaten track where unique culture are kept, stilt-houses are abundant and terraced rice fields spread out. You will be amazed with the hospitality of local ethnic minorities in their colorful traditional costumes and interested in chatting with them about their completely differences in lifestyle. And a memorable adventure tour to Vietnam is always attached closely to mountainous areas in the north of Vietnam including Northeast part & Northwest part. So let’s work out some exotic adventure tours to Vietnam based on our below advice.

Tips For Planning A Adventure Trip in Northern Vietnam
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1. Visas in Vietnam: Everything You Need to Know

Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam changes its policies all the time so best to check with the proper government agencies as I cannot guarantee  the accuracy of any of the information. As of August 2016, the following countries can get a free visa for the prescribed number of days. If you wish to stay longer, you will have to apply for a visa beforehand.

2. Choice of transportation

Transportation is the first thing to consider when traveling. To get to the mountains in the north, you can travel by three means: cars, trains and motorcycles. Motorbikes are a lot of young people who love, because can enjoy the view of the street, however, in the weather conditions bold cold, foggy, some places even ice, snow, work riding a motorcycle on a pass can be dangerous.

Cars or trains are a better option. However, if you intend to travel on the occasion of peak season, buy tickets from early, because tickets to the Sapa area, Bac Ha usually expired pretty soon before.

3. Costumes

Costumes are important when traveling. Do not think of fashion as you prepare to go to a place where fog and ice make your vision limited. Prepare the warmest coat such as feather coat, sweater, multi-layer ... Gloves, hats, towels and socks are indispensable if you want to admire North Vietnam when the weather cold.

Also, do not forget to bring raincoats and raincoats because you can get rain, wet your clothes, make you susceptible to colds. Choose shoes that have good traction, especially if you are going to climb a mountain. Avoid high heels, slippery doll shoes, cold feet, easy to slip.

Tips For Planning A Adventure Trip in Northern Vietnam 2
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4. Belongings carry-along

Compact is the criteria for you if you want to explore the forest, majestic mountains. Bring your backpack with essential items. Wind oil is one of the most important for you not to catch a cold. A warm water bottle is also recommended, so you can drink hot water anywhere on the go.

In mountainous areas, hospitals and clinics are often far away from home and are not easy to find, so bring a personal bag of medicines including: cold medicine, antibiotics, vitamins, anti abdominal pain, medical tape ... to use when urgent.

5. Camera and Charger

This is an item that you must definitely carry. Northern Vietnam is famous for its spectacular scenery. Wandering around Northern Vietnam is a real treat for nature lovers. Between the many scenic roads, limestone karsts, and the hectic yet cultural city of Hanoi, a trip up here is definitely worth it.. Apart from seeing the sights, northern cuisine is also an impressive not easy to overlook, it is really rich and special. Make a record of everything you've done in your photos or video clips. It is not only a place to keep your memories but also one of the places to keep precious documents for later.

Here are some special things to note before your trip to northern Vietnam. To make sure your trip is perfect, contact us for more accurate information more information:

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