Interesting experiences for family to join when in Vietnam

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The key to a good family holiday is making sure everyone is happy. Vietnam is a paradise for a families vacation. Whether your kids are still little or practically grown-up, there are so many exciting activities to get stuck into here that a trip go to Vietnam can feel like several holidays all rolled up into one. There are so many fantastic family experiences to connect family members together and bring a truly happy holiday. Hope it will to provide a bit of inspiration for your next holiday.
Enjoy street food

Interesting experiences for family to join when in Vietnam
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An interesting experience that you will surely be surprised to join. You can enjoy the experience in the old Indochina city of Hanoi, UNESCO Heritage Hoi An or the southern capital of Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon). Delicious, exciting and incredibly insightful, your accompanying guides will direct you to the best eateries away from tourist crowds. There’s no better way to truly understand Vietnam than through your stomach. Taste your way through the cities of Vietnam, teasing your sweet tooth with the best coffee, street foods and dishes with typical flavor.

Ride on a cyclo

Interesting experiences for family to join when in Vietnam 1
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You can find these holdouts from the French colonial days near most urban tourist landmarks, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, and Hanoi. They’re a bit bumpy, but the drivers are excellent guides with detailed knowledge of your surroundings.

Kayak through Ha Long Bay

Interesting experiences for family to join when in Vietnam 2
Photo by Greg Willis
Although Ha Long City is an underwhelming place, the limestone islands jutting out off the bay are a spectacular sight to behold. Lounging on a tour boat is a fine way to go, but a kayak is a more intimate experience.

Climb Fansipan

Interesting experiences for family to join when in Vietnam 3
Photo by Hadzunghiep
Looming over Sapa in North Vietnam is Fansipan, the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia. There are many options available for people who want a guided trek up to the summit, and unless you’re a veteran hiker, you should try to spread it out over two or three days.

Spectacular caves

Interesting experiences for family to join when in Vietnam 4
Photo by [Tycho]
Phong Nha Ke Bang national park in central Vietnam. It is – thus far – my absolute favourite place in Vietnam, and I can’t recommend it enough. Phong Nha Cave and Paradise Cave are truly spectacular, and easily accessible for those with children: the former is accessed by boat from Phong Nha town, and the latter is a relatively short walk uphill from the foot of the mountains.

Beautiful beaches

Interesting experiences for family to join when in Vietnam 5
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All good family holidays need to balance adventure with relaxation, and with 1,000 miles of coastline there are plenty of places to get a bit of R&R in Vietnam. A while you relax at a beautiful seaside resort, your little ones can blow off steam as they build sandcastles on the beach, swim in the clear blue sea and go on a snorkelling hunt for tropical marine life. Our favourite beach destinations in Vietnam are Mui Ne, Con Dao, Danang, Phu Quoc and Nha Trang.

Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam

Interesting experiences for family to join when in Vietnam 6
Photo by Jorge Láscar
A palatable way of getting insight into the Vietnam War (or American War as the Vietnamese call it) is to enjoy a half-day trip to the famous Cu Chi tunnels. It can be hard to hear the realities of the conflict but the Vietnamese have managed to create a very tasteful, interesting and fun afternoon’s experience of this important part of history. The experience starts with a beautiful boat ride up the Mekong, past fishing vessels and beautiful countryside. Boat drivers have wonderful tropical plants at hand for you to try en route and within 30-40 minutes you’ll be at the entrance of the tunnels. With an expert guide, you’ll be introduced to the extensive tunnel network, their history and stories behind the area. For example, Vietcong used to put pictures up of American families to try and make US soldiers homesick to get them to lose morale and go away. Try fitting in the tiny tunnels yourself and enjoy a delicious Vietnamese lunch on the river after. It makes for a very enlightening experience. 

Go to the Cái Răng Floating Market

Interesting experiences for family to join when in Vietnam 7
Photo by Bùi Thụy Đào Nguyên
There are many floating markets throughout the Mekong Delta in Southwest Vietnam, but the Cái Răng market is the largest. It’s located in Cần Thơ, the fourth-largest city in Vietnam, which should be a stop on your tour through Vietnam, anyways.

Go to an Elephant Race

This is a weird one. Every March in Đắk Lắk province, there is an Elephant Racing Festival, with gongs and horns and gentle giants competing for a wreath.

For families with older children (over 16), there are some incredible adventurous treks taking you deeper into the park and its caves. I can highly recommend the overnight Tu Lan cave trek for very active families – but be warned, it’s pretty physically demanding! It’s worth every bit of the effort for the stunning views and deserted landscapes.

For more ideas and information why not give one of our Tour Consultant a call on (+84) 974.861.652  or contact us via email here. We’re more than happy to provide more inspiration for your family holiday to Vietnam. Remember that there is no obligation to book and you don’t need to pay a penny until you are 100% convinced that you have found the ideal holiday for you and your family.

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