The Best Vietnam beaches for family to relax

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Vietnam beaches for family to relax is one of the most interesting in Vietnam. With the long coat from Halong bay to the south of Vietnam, Vietnam owns many most beautiful and famous beaches in Asia like Phu Quoc beach, Nha Trang Beach, Muine beach, so a relaxing holiday at sea with your family is definitely the best thing for you this summer.

Phu Quoc beaches

For families who love the tranquility and peaceful moments, Phu Quoc will be mentioned as one of the most suitable places for your vacation.

The Best Vietnam beaches for family to relax
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Phu Quoc is a large tropical island off the coast of Vietnam. It is a very mountainous and densely forested Island of 1320 sq km; it is 48 km in length from south to north and has a population of approx. 80,000 people. Phu Quoc’s interior is still mostly covered in dense tropical forest and its coastline is ringed with deserted sandy beaches. There are two days free to enjoy this tropical hideaway. The azure blue waters around the island are teeming with marine life and make for good snorkeling. Apart from its unspoilt beaches Phu Quoc is also known for producing the best nuoc mam(fish sauce) and black pepper in Vietnam. Phu Quoc Island and its beaches were voted to be "The Most Cleanest and Beautiful Beach of World" by ABC News...

Nha Trang beaches

Nha Trang Beach is the most famous beach in Vietnam for both blissful nature and the touristy enthusiastic atmosphere. Nha Trang nature is endowed with not only for the crystal-like waters and the pristinely white sand of Nha Trang’s 6 km beach but also for the many idyllic surrounding islands, which will definitely guarantee your family an exotic get-away from the bustling city. 

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No two beaches are the same in Nha Trang, ranging from the bustling Tran Phu Beach for travellers who want to be in the centre of all the action to the more remote Bai Dai Beach that is great for when you want to escape the often overcrowded city. Some of these locales may be a long drive away from Nha Trang City, but the tranquil scenery of the coastline makes it well worth trip.  

Mui Ne beaches

The Best Vietnam beaches for family to relax 2
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Mui Ne is an ideal place for rest and relaxation. Mui Ne has known as "Kingdom of resorts" of Viet Nam with many resorts along the seacoast. Visitors can swim in the blue water of the sea, slip on the sand dunes, relax in swimming pool of resorts or kiteboard and windsurf. The beach has the best conditions for water sports because it has strongest and most consistent cross-onshore winds in Asia and the lowest rainfall in Viet Nam. There are currently about a dozen kiteboarding centers in Mui Ne and the competition is fierce. In addition, visitors can go shopping at the Mui Ne Market for types of fresh sea-food and local specialties. Come to Mui Ne, your family holiday becomes more exciting than ever

Da Nang beaches

Da Nang has only recently become popular with visitors. Many resorts and hotels that are being built here only prove how much tourism has recently flourished in this part of Vietnam. One of the most popular attractions in Da Nang are its beautiful and quiet beaches. I must say that it was something that tempted me to come here in the first place. The perspective of living by the sea was irresistible.

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Da Nang is a tourist city with long coastline and attractive natural landscapes. Listed in 6 most charming beaches of the world by Forbes magazine, Da Nang beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Therefore, swimming in the beach is the main choice of almost all travelers to Da Nang.

Con Dao beaches

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Being well- known for its clear turquoise sea and sandy beaches shaded by green hills, Con Dao with its wild and natural beauty has attracted thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. Without a doubt, the Con Dao island's is home to some of the most idyllic and beautiful beaches in Vietnam. With so much geographic disversity among Con Dao's 16 islands, how do you make sure you get the ultimate tropical island beach experience that you are looking for?

After this tour you will understand why people go to the south of Vietnam for the beaches holiday, with three most beautiful beaches in Vietnam :Phu Quoc beach, Mui Ne beach and Nha Trang beach will satisfy your's holiday in Vietnam.

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