Top 4 Worth-to-Conquer Highest Mountains in Vietnam

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Although the country is known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities, the mountains in Vietnam are also just as amazing, if not more! In fact, the Northern region of the country is full of impressive mountain ranges that take up a third of the country’s land, so it’s no surprise that trekking is becoming increasingly popular here. Many climbing enthusiasts are making the journey to this rugged landscape to escape the city crowds, explore the nature and conquer new heights. Sound like something you would love? If mountaineering is your adventure, here is our list of the best mountains in Vietnam.
Top 4 Worth-to-Conquer Highest Mountains in Vietnam
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1. Mount Fansipan – The Roof of Indochina

Known as the highest mountain in Vietnam, Fansipan mountain is also glorified as the roof of Indochina thanks to the height of 3143m. Located about 9km from the center of Sapa Vietnam, Fansipan is the most famous peak for travelers who fall in love with adventure travel. Formerly, it took adventurers 5 or 6 days to conquer but now, it takes only 2 or 3 days as long as you have good health, enough essentials and the most important, a leading guy.

Fansipan, the highest peak in Vietnam, is not only the pride of Northern Vietnam travel but also the dream of almost adventure lovers. On the way to the summit of its, travelers have a chance to explore the amazing nature of Hoang Lien Ranges. If the height of 2400m is where you see the clouds gather with the forest's trees and able to touch the mists, the height of 2800m will be an ideal place for relaxation in an open air with the flora leaning on the stones.

The local people usually call Fansipan with the name “Hua Si Pan” (means: Huge Rock) and certainly, there is good reason for that. If you have chance to travel to Sapa in Vietnam, are you ready to conquer this one of highest mountains in Vietnam?

2. Pu Ta Leng – The Green Paradise in the North Vietnam

Located in Lai Chau Province, Pu Ta Leng (3049m) must be conquered with support of a local leader living in Pho Village. The first portion of the journey is flat and easy for trekking and the first climbing part is mainly along streams with big rocks. Pu Ta Leng is not a famous one like other mountains in Vietnam but it is still a gem in mountain ranges in Vietnam due to the nature value as well as adventure travel interests.

However, many travelers call the way to Pu Ta Leng “The Fair Route” because apart from rocky slopes which make you exhausted, the small poetic streams are really ideal stopover to recover before continuing. Reaching the summit, you will see a milestone situated among a narrow space. If you want to have a good view for sightseeing and capture, you have to climb up the trees, where the landscapes look awesome.

3. Pu Si Lung – The Roof of Border Area

On the border China-Vietnam, Phu Si Lung (3076m) is another mountain in Lai Chau Province that is worth to conquer and see the impression of primitive nature as well as geography of Vietnam. Due to the location of being next to the border, Phu Si Lung mountain was place experiencing a short part of history of Vietnam during the war time against China.

Especially, conquering Phu Si Lung mountain is also a chance for adventurers to companion with border guards who support you if you don’t want to get lost. Without guidance of a border guard or local guide, you may get lost in jungle.

4. Bach Moc Luong Tu – Paradise of Cloud Ocean

In all mountains of Vietnam, Bach Moc Luong Tu (3045m) Is the most well-known mountain with young adventurers in Vietnam due to the favorite scenery full of cloud. Discovered in 2012 by backpackers, but only after cable in Fansipan has been completed, Bach Moc Luong Tu become a new destination proper for adventure lovers.

Many travelers advise each other “We must conquer Bach Moc Luong Tu before cable is set up there”. Right! For adventurers, what they want to see is a primitive mountainous area in Vietnam where they can make effort to climb up the summit where the beautiful landscape is worth what they tried.

And that concludes our epic list of the best mountains in Vietnam! Think you can take them all on? I don’t doubt you at all, but if the lack of time is an issue, pick one to challenge yourself and climb until your heart is content. Connect with us to get the program in details:

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