The Perfect Destinations To "Check-In" In Moc Chau

Nga Do
Tourists of Tours in Vietnam who have the chance to come to Moc Chau once, in summer or winter, on a sunny day spreading on the dreaming spring forest or winter with white mist… have a great impression of this land. they also can come back to the past through the monuments historical sites such as Son Moc Huong cave, pine forest, Dai Yem waterfall, Phung Luong peak, and culture of Mong people, Dao people in Van Ho with songs, ethnic handicrafts bearing bold cultural identities.

1. In the centre of the district there is Son Moc Huong Cave or Hang Doi, a national scenic beauty.

The Son Moc Huong Cave adds yet another attraction to Moc Chau Son la.  Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the plateau when standing at the entrance of the cave located in the center of Moc Chau District. Stalactite structures decorate the cave inside, giving visitors a feeling of relaxation, and that they are lost in a fairy world.

2. Pine forest is also an attraction.

Ang village is located in Dong Son commune, Moc Chau districts; it is famous for a special pine forest and 2 beautiful lakes. Coming to this village we will feel the cool weather, romantic sense, make you think it is Da Lat in the North. Tourist will be completely relaxed when living home-stay in the traditional stilt house hidden inside the green trees, the winding stream.

3. Not far from the pine forest you can visit the beauty of Dai Yem Waterfall.

Thac Dai Yem (Pink Blouse Waterfall) at Vat Village are also places of interest in Moc Chau. The waterfall is called so as it looks like a pink blouse. Locals say the waterfall is one of the nature’s gifts to the long-existing village, which is home to a number of relics such as Vat Pagoda as well as folk songs, dances and food specialties.

4. Of course, going to Ta Xua Village to watch beautiful clouds and trekking to Pha Luong will be your unforgettable experiences.

The way to Ta Xua is quite difficult to go, but you will be satisfied by the beautiful landscape in here. In the season of cotton mop, the hillside is covered by the white cotton mops which are shine bright in the sun.

One of the favorite destinations to “hunt” cloud which is loved by many tourists is Hanh Dong, 13km form the center of Ta Xua. From Hang Dong, the tourists will have the opportunity to see the beautiful clouds and watch the sunrise.

In order to see the torrential clouds, the tourists have to wake up early, from 5 a.m to both “hunt” the clouds and welcome the sunrise. Besides, the most important thing is your luck: The day you choose must be a clear and sunny day. On the beautiful days, the tourists are free to move in order to see the beautiful clouds, up to 9 a.m to 10 a.m, the clouds still do not vanish.

5. Pha Luong peak, the highest mountain in Moc Chau, is considered the roof of Moc Chau. The peak is about 40 km from Moc Chau Town.

It is considered the roof of Moc Chau – Son La. Pha Luang Peak lies approximately 70 km from Moc Chau, located in Tan Xuan, Chieng Xuan with a height of 1500 m. Pha Luong is also a natural boundary between Vietnam and Laos.

Because of its height, all the mountain like another world, separate from everything around. On the top there is a large flat area nearly 10 hectares is suitable for sports such as horse riding, walking or climbing. Pha Luong also has a specialty that attracts a lot of young people that is “cloudy”. You come to Pha Luong to release your stress, and stand in “cloudy sea” as being in a paradise.

If you cannot stop at Moc Chau Son la for an overnight stay or a short visit, be sure to watch for the immense fields and gardens of tea trees and greenery as well as ranges of imposing mountains and hills covered with grass and flowers such hoa da quy (wild sun flower), as you drive through the area.

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