Dairy Farm - Special Destination of the Moc Chau plateau

Nga Do
Moc Chau tourism has long been famous for its green plateaus and cool milk lines, visit here visitors will be immersed in the immense blue sky and contemplate healthy dairy cows grazing on the hill inshore hours. Moc Chau dairy is a new exciting destination for visitors. The visit and experience here that will give travelers the finest moments and knowledge with a fun and exciting experience.

Dairy cows in Moc Chau is famous not only natural release model farms where livestock are also large and good quality care. To get the nutritious dairy products, dairy cows are raised in farms with a special care regime, clean and simultaneously provide adequate nutritional food source needed. Here, visitors can witness the large farms with thousands of cows healthy beautiful arranged in rows in the barn. The cows here are the result of careful selection of varieties and healthy so you can be completely confident about the quality of their milk. The vast farms create a cool space for the cows can grow best. Visiting and direct to the cow, milking witness the process and can even hand-milking, guests will feel extremely interesting.

The dairy cows in the farm occasionally released graze freely on the savannah and grassland. This is a factor that makes beef more healthy and natural development. Besides, in the strange farm with guest nutritious foods provide more nutrients to ensure that the development process is complete. Is also equipped with clean bathrooms and the dairy, there are more milking machine hygienic safest.

The model dairy farm in Moc Chau is one of the attractions, the famous tourist attraction many tourists at home and abroad. Certainly in the future, this strength of Moc Chau also be exploited and promoted on a large effect.

Coming to Moc Chau steppe in this time, visitors mix naturally cool wind, immersed in immense blue sky and contemplate healthy dairy cows grazing on a windswept hill. and admire the beauty of plum blossom white plateau Moc Chau. Details of the most interesting discovery journey in Moc Chau plateau: http://vietnamtypicaltours.com/location/moc-chau-tours/

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