A glance breath of Dalat in the Moc Chau plateau

Nga Do
Moc Chau Plateau is becoming a favorite destination for cool travel enthusiasts, green tea lovers or European dairy farms. Strawberries Moc Chau is also contributing to that success.

Previously in Vietnam, want to pick the ripe red berries, visitors have to arrange time to go to Dalat. At present, just less than 200km from Hanoi, Moc Chau with beautiful strawberry orchards ready to welcome everyone.

Not only provide clean strawberries to market, some farms are also bringing a new experience for visitors when coming to Moc Chau. Imagine yourself as a strawberry farmer.

Just like Da Lat, strawberries in Moc Chau are grown in straight rows, in the middle is a wide enough path for people to move. The strawberry harvest season starts in December and lasts until mid May. It is enough time for you to arrange a time to enjoy the strawberry-loving experience in this charming North West.

In a romantic space, peaceful with a lot of trees, pick strawberries themselves, taste the taste of each type, add a little time to enjoy the fresh strawberries that you have just harvested will be a "live" experience with you.

Walk down the end of the strawberries garden, visitors can see the plum blossom is blooming white. This year, plum blossom is blooming, the plum orchards are bustling, seduce visitors to visit by the elegant beauty of plum blossom.

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