Are there any coffee lovers? This post is for you.

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Are there any coffee lovers? This post is for you.

Coffee is not just a drink in Vietnam – it’s a way of life. Numerous coffee shops and stalls decorate almost every street corner. No matter the time of the day, you will find at least one contended soul sitting on a little child-sized seat on the pavement, sipping a tall glass of ca phe sua da which means iced coffee with milk.

Vietnam coffee culture are also quite diverse. Each region has its own way of preparing and enjoying coffee. In general, Vietnamese people often enjoy a cup of coffee in a very different way so that foreign tourists may be surprised about this. Due to the influence of the weather and regional culture, coffee drinking habits of Hanoi (the North Vietnam), Hue (the Central Vietnam), and Saigon (the South Vietnam) are quite different.

The coffee culture of Hue can be encapsulated in three words, which are dense, sophisticated, and slow exactly similar to the characteristics of Hue people. In Hue, it rarely see an amusement parks, therefore, in the free time, local people often come to a coffee shop to enjoy a cup of coffee. Hue people seldom go to a luxury coffee store. On the other hand, they prefer to sit on a street stall along a river or on pavements. Being different from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Hue people just only drink filter coffee. Coffee shops in Hue only offer two choices for customers including iced coffee and lattes. Looking a way people here drink a cup of coffee in a slow and relaxing manner. At first, it feels a bit hard to drink this coffee because it is strong dense and heavy. But drinking it in Hue style, slowly sipping, you can feel the smell of pure coffee beans and the sweet taste of milk mixed into each other. It is really an exclusive experience.

Hanoi coffee culture is similar to Hue in terms of the drinking habit. Hanoi people also like to enjoy a cup of coffee in the most relaxing and comfortable way and chat with their friends. Nonetheless, Hanoi people do not drink coffee as much as Hue. Another different point is while Hue people love drinking coffee in the morning. The Hanoians prefer enjoying it in the evening when they have free time. Coffee in Hanoi is more diluted than Hue with more various options including latte, black coffee, and egg coffee without or with iced. Egg coffee is very similar to tiramisu. It is a combination of condensed milk whipped with egg yolk into an airy foam and dark coffee in a rich mixture. Egg coffee first made its appearance in the 1940s, when milk was uncommon and egg yolks was the only convenient substitute.

Unlike Hue and Hanoi, Saigon people consider coffee not only a drink to sip but also refreshment. The ingredient of Saigon coffee is quite special with more iced and less coffee. Saigon people often drink coffee in a glass with a straw. Their coffee is more sweet and diluted that you almost cannot feel the bitter taste of coffee.

We prepared some coffe shops in Hanoi that are worth to visit:

1⃣ Haka Coffee. Located in a relatively quiet street near Hoan Kiem Lake, Haka paradoxically has become more popular with tourists and travellers than it has been with the locals. And if you’re looking for somewhere else to enjoy, try their egg coffee, you can see there the difference between the fresh brewing methods and the fast and ready-made ones.

Address: 39 Hang Dau street

2⃣ Kafeville. This place has an intimate coffeehouse feel. Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, a chessboard and books can invite daylong lounging in a small street in Old Quarter Here the baristas are busier than ever – those who can offer a variety of brewing styles, ranging from Chemex, v60 to French press, Aero-press… and expertly pull out perfect shots by imported coffee from the likes of Papa New Guinea, Kenya or Rwanda… They also will be delighted to share the brewing techniques and explain to you how they’re operating machines.

Address: 22 Nguyen Trung Truc, Old Quarter Hanoi

3⃣ Giang Coffee. Located in a street full of grand coffee shops, Giang Coffee may seem a bit tiny, essentially a minuscule kitchen with a narrow space. The menu, however, is definitely hefty. The drink (including famous egg coffee) here isn’t just a replication of a familiar favourite. Everything at Giang Coffee brings me a sense of passion, dedication and a simple love for Vietnamese-style coffee.

Address: 39 Nguyen Huu Huan

4⃣ Nhà Sàn: Staying away from the noisy urban areas, Nha San is an ideal place for you to sit with a combination of visiting the Ethnology Museum that is located nearby. Converted from a traditional house on stilts of Thai ethnic people in Northern Vietnam, this place is spacious and stylish, a great place to enjoy a coffee both in the winter and summer time. Regular art event, live music, exhibitions are organised here as well.

Address: 462 lane, Buoi Street

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