Vietnamese Egg Beer - Drinks should try when coming to Hanoi

Nga Do
Vietnamese cuisine is world-famous, but few visitors to the Southeast Asian country think about what they'll be sipping on the streets of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. That's a mistake: the country's drinks are as delicious and diverse as its cuisine.

With each drink you try in Vietnam, you experience the influence of one hundred years of French and a thousand years of Chinese rule-the Chinese contributed the concept of food and drink as medicine, and the French introduced coffee in the 1800s. You'll also be privy to Vietnamese ingenuity and the country's incredible bounty: a special drink is made from beer with eggs.

You know, Hanoi is famous for not only egg coffee but also egg beer? Mixing egg with beer is really interesting and tasty, then also becomes a nutritious drink for pregnants.

The famous Giang Cafe on the streets of Hanoi has a tasty surprise for you; their delicious egg beer. The best butterbeer for adults we have ever tried! On the busy streets of Hanoi, you can find the intimate Cafe Giang. A cafe that feels like as if you just stepped into a delicious memory from the past.

The cafe’s owner Mr. Nguyen Van Dao has created it’s well-known egg coffee back in 1946 while he was working at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel. Proving once and for all that Vietnam may have been short of milk but never on good ideas. Shortly, he realized that after the first sip both Vietnamese and foreigners fell in love with his special drink. He decided to leave the hotel and create his own luck and open a coffee house.

In case you’re wondering the egg beer tastes like a creamy, vanilla heaven… with beer. Surprisingly pleasing, a perfect drink for cold autumn or winter nights. Although, it is kind of heavy, feels more like a dessert than a drink. Right after “Yummy!” my second thought was “This tastes just like butterbeer! Only, it’s better”. So we went and tried to find out the recipe of this delight.

It turns out the recipe is more or less a secret. We know for sure that it contains beer, condensed milk, a little butter, and cheese but Mr. Nguyen understandable won’t reveal all the details of his famous recipe. Which just gave us one more reason to experiment with it. As if we needed more…

If you have the opportunity to travel in Hanoi, Vietnam - please do not forget to try both egg coffee and egg beer in Giang coffee in 39 Nguyen Huu Huan street - a traditional coffee shop opened in 1946.

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