Stunning fields in Northern Vietnam

Nga Do
The rustic beauty of Vietnam is loved by visitors from the fields, a natural beauty peaceful but equally spectacular, majestic. Beautiful immense fields are one of the most popular sceneries through Vietnam. The fields are not only for agriculture purpose, but a special feature of Vietnam that attract the international tourists.

Many foreign visitors come to Vietnam has been impressed with the vast fields located in every provinces. The fields take important role of economic, but also are a special symbol of Vietnam. If you are arriving in Northern Vietnam, do not miss breathtaking fields below.

#1: Terraced field in Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai province)

Mu Cang Chai is one district of Yen Bai Province where is a big producing place in Northern. In each rice season, Mu Cang Chai attracts a lot of visitors and photo taker. They come to some communes as La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha and De Xu Phinh to admire the golden rice ocean in highland.

In May (beginning of rainy season) peasant start their crop, they plow and flood terrace fields with their irrigation systems. During this period their fields looks like pieces of curved mirror. Later rice grow up, during this time their fields have various green color with different tones. Then September and October is the most beautiful time for photographers. Rice terrace fields in harvest season look like a vivid picture, with different colors.

#2: Buckwheat flower field in Ha Giang

The raw beauty and impressive mountain ranges of Ha Giang Province in the far North of Vietnam is the scene which no one can easily forget. Visitors can come to Ha Giang at any season to discover specific features. During Spring, the market will feature foods from almost 23 ethnic groups in the area. In June and July, the green mountains are often covered in light rain. In August and September, the terraced fields become more colourful as harvest season nears. October and November is when tourists coming to Ha Giang because of blooming flower fields. Ha Giang is well-known for its impressive yellow daisies and buckwheatflower fields.

#3: Green tea hill in Moc Chau

Let's explore Moc Chau Highland with beautiful tea plantation and hill-tribe villages with us to enjoy your wonderful weekend vacation!!! Moc Chau is a district of Son La province and its capital of the same name. It is a large mountainous and hilly region. It lies about 200 km from Hanoi to the west and an altitude is 1050 m. It’s a very good stop between Son La city and Mai Chau city. Moc Chau has many large tea farms such as those in Nong Truong Moc Chau Town and Tan Lap Commune. Vast green tea plantations seem to have their own attractiveness

The area is inhabited by the people of different ethnic minorities. A lot of Thai and Hmong people live here but also another minorities are in this area – Dao, Kho Mu, La Ha Tay. The most beautiful places to visit are pine forest in the village of Ang, Dai Yem waterfall, Pa Phach village or Doi cave and Tan Lap Tea Hill. And, of course, green tea plantations and beautiful hills around the city. There are also several farms with the cattle and flower fields. Moc Chau is a significant producer of high-quality milk and tea.

#4: Paddy field in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is considered the glamorous land of unique landscapes and myth. Except you are not sailing on a junk nor on the sea, but on a wee paddling boat on the submerged rice fields. As usual, the rice crop starts after the Tet Lunar New Year, and from late April, the fields are covered by an amazing green of young paddy, making a picturesque view, mixed with imposing mountains and peaceful villages.

#5: Bac Son valley in Lang Son

The primitive beauty of an ethnic region and enjoy magnificent panoramic view from mountain summit. BacSon, exactly Bac Son Valley, is located in Lang Son province, a less-known destination in the North of Vietnam. The way from Hanoi to BacSon is not hard, which seems to be a favourable condition to spend 2 days there. As a new place for travelers, BacSon still keeps its primitive beauty with the simple life of countryside, the dirt trails and the most famous, the beautiful view from the summit of Na Lay mountain.

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